Published April 18, 2019

Kieron Gillen's 5 Favorite Moments from His 'Star Wars' Run

The writer highlights his adventures as he prepares to culminate a 30-issue run with the main series!

This June, Kieron Gillen wraps up his 30-issue long run on STAR WARS with issue #67!

Star Wars #67

An exciting new creative duo has been announced, but nevertheless, fans are surely going to miss Gillen's talents. So we're taking a moment to celebrate his tenure on the series, which goes back to November 2017 with issue #38. The writer—who launched DARTH VADER back in 2015 when fellow scribe Jason Aaron kicked off STAR WARS—has worked alongside the incredible artistic talents of Salvador Larroca, Andrea Broccardo, Angel Unzueta, and Giuseppe Camuncoli along the way.

Throughout his run, Gillen ventured across the galaxy, continuing the bitter war between the Rebels and the Empire. He led a massive fight for control of the Khyber mines, showed the debut of Rogue Squadron (explaining how the name relates to "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"), and even offered a look at Han Solo that many have been clamoring for since his debut on screen back in 1977!

We caught up with the writer to see which five moments stood out during his heroic run....

Bail Organa's Goodbye - STAR WARS #40


"Leia's been the backbone of my run, so getting a chance to write Bail's last words to Leia was an honour."

The Han Solo Vs. Darth Vader Dogfight - STAR WARS #52

Star Wars #52

"Darth had to be a bit miffed with that ship that came out of nowhere and shot him, so doing an issue-long grudge match between the two best pilots in the galaxy was a hell of a time."

"Rogue Squadron, form up." - STAR WARS #52

Star Wars #52

"I am, by my nature, a writer who leans towards awful tragedy with a lack of fist pumps. This was a fist-pump, and I loved writing it."

Han, Shirtless, Chopping Wood - STAR WARS #57

Star Wars #57

"This one's for you, mum."

The Action Sequence In Kieron's Final Issue - STAR WARS #67

"You haven't seen it yet, but in terms of 'berserk things you can have the Falcon do,' this is pretty much up there."

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