Published April 28, 2022

Captain Britain Begins the Battle for Otherworld’s Soul in ‘Knights of X’ #2 First Look

In this special first look, 'Knights of X' #2 kicks off the quest to find mutantkind's holy grail.

In KNIGHTS OF X #2, Captain Britain and her mighty mutants have found themselves on an unexpected quest, but it may very well save Otherworld from Merlyn’s wicked machinations.

When Tini Howard and Robert Quinn’s KNIGHTS OF X #2 picks up, Betsy Braddock and her carefully selected team of mutants has discovered a way to stop Merlyn – but here comes the tricky part: they have to find the holy grail of mutantkind to do it. 

Unfortunately, they quickly find themselves sidetracked when Merlyn attacks the Crooked Market, a safe haven for Otherworld’s mutants, and they are forced to split up. As a result, Betsy continues her search for this holy grail, while Gambit leads the others…but they might just be headed into a deadly trap. After all, death lurks around every corner, and there’s no coming back when you die in Otherworld.

In a special first look at Quinn’s artwork for KNIGHTS OF X #2, Merlyn confronts his daughter Lady Roma of the Fae, who offered Betsy some sage advice in the series’ debut issue. Another page shows Betsy and Rachel Summers swinging into action as Kylun and Mordred comes to blows in the courtyard while the other knights look on. One page shows Gambit, Meggan and Bei checking out a tavern, while another depicts a massive battle.

Take up the quest for yourself in a special first look at KNIGHTS OF X #2 below!

KNIGHTS OF X #2 interior artwork by Robert Quinn

Written by Tini Howard
Art by Robert Quinn
Cover by Yanick Paquette
On sale 6/1

Check out the preview below, and be there when KNIGHTS OF X #2 hits stands on June 1.

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Knights of X #2 Preview



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