Published December 23, 2022

Looking back on 2022 from Marvel Unlimited

New features, Infinity Comics and so much more in 2022. We're grateful to the Marvel Unlimited users for a great year of comics!

Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man

As we wind down the year here at Marvel Unlimited headquarters, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the astonishing year we had with you, the loyal Marvel Unlimited community. With our first full year after the release of the all-new Marvel Unlimited app, everyone at Marvel has been dedicated to making your comics reading experience the best it can be and we hope you've had a wonderful year of enjoying the many adventures of Marvel's Super Heroes and more.

After releasing the new Marvel Unlimited mobile app in 2021, we pledged to the community that there would be continued updates and support to the app. We're enormously proud of the fact that the Marvel Unlimited team worked tirelessly all year resulting in 24 app updates throughout 2022. Each and every update helped to fix bugs (many of which were reported by you, our faithful users) as well as introduce new features.

Some of our favorite new features included:

  • The very requested grid view of comics in the browse and comics pages.
  • A new "Read" badge to show you what comics you've ready more clearly, along with the ability to track your reading progress in more places across the app.
  • We made it easier to dive into the next issue, with an enhanced "Up Next" view in the Continue Reading area of the app.
  • Even more options to sort and filter comics in Marvel Unlimited and in your library. Now you can sort or filter by read or unread, comics publish dates along with creators, characters and series
  • And for those who asked for connected keyboard support, you got it!
Infinity Comics from Marvel Unlimited

In addition to the feature updates to Marvel Unlimited, 2022 saw an explosion of exclusive comics to the Marvel Unlimited app with Infinity Comics. When we launched Infinity Comics, we were excited about their potential, but wow -  the way you embraced these comics blew us away.  The amazing team at Marvel published over 350 infinity comics in 2022 which drove over 2.2 million Infinity Comics read by you, the Marvel Unlimited community! Amazing! Stay tuned as we'll be sharing some more fun end of the year numbers within Marvel Unlimited on before the New Year.

As we look to 2023, you can expect to see the Marvel Unlimited momentum continue with not only more great comics to read but also new features rolled out in the app, like expanding the Grid view throughout the app and more! Thank you to the entire Marvel Unlimited community for a great 2022. We hope you've enjoyed this past year of comics and look forward to even more next year. 

Happy holidays and Happy New Year from everyone at Marvel and Marvel Unlimited!


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