Published June 11, 2018

Marvel Top 10 Bald Heroes

Run down a list of Marvel's greatest hairless heroes!

Image for Marvel Top 10 Bald Heroes

Grab your sheep shearers and a fresh pack of razor blades, folks—it’s Marvel’s Top 10 Bald Heroes!

For this Top 10 episode, the team dove into the Marvel Unlimited library to find the roundest, smoothest heads from across the Marvel Universe. And from BLACK PANTHER‘s Dora Milaje, to the Regeneratin’ Degenerate dome of DEADPOOL, to the clean-shaven cranium of the UNCANNY X-MEN‘s Professor X, we found the most excellent eggheads in all of Marvel Comics.

Watch Marvel’s Top 10 Bald Heroes below, then check out the superbly smooth stories that they’re sourced from on Marvel Unlimited!