Published December 3, 2021

Marvel Unlimited – December 2021 Update

A sneak peek at what’s to come for Marvel’s premiere digital comics platform

Marvel Unlimited - December 2021 Update

Welcome True Believers to the first of what will be regular updates from Marvel Headquarters with all the inside information about what’s to come for Marvel Unlimited this month. The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy as everyone working on Marvel Unlimited has been firing all on cylinders from making more Infinity Comics to updating the app with new features and functionality.  

The legions of loyal Marvel Unlimited users have given us some great feedback over the past couple of months, and we appreciate every bit of it we get. We’re working hard to identify the key things you’d like to see in Marvel Unlimited and get them to you as quickly as possible. Like the Marvel Universe, the new Marvel Unlimited app is growing and evolving over time and we’ve got some exciting things for you this month that should make many of you happy (you know who you are.) With that, let’s get right into it! 


The Marvel Unlimited team has been working super hard to get the new app supercharged and working great. You may have noticed since we launched there’s been a bunch of app updates that have covered bug fixes and small updates. Meanwhile, the team has also been going through all the feedback we’ve received and factoring it into our plans.  This month we’re excited to have two app update releases  coming your way that will address some of the most requested updates. Here’s a preview of what you can expect to come this month: 

  • Browse Comics by single issues 

  • Filter Comics issues by Publication Month / Year when browsing single issues 

  • Sort Comics by Publication Date and Date Added to Marvel Unlimited 

  • An Update to your Reading Progress that will more accurately reflect what you have read in Continue Reading 

  • View Comics issues as well as series in Your Library 

The first update (v.7.7) will be coming very soon and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s been released so you can update and start to use some of these features, so make sure you’re following Marvel Unlimited on Twitter and Facebook or keep an eye out on the Marvel Unlimited Support FAQ for updates. 


We’ve got an exciting batch of comics coming to you this month on Marvel Unlimited! A danger older than the Earth threatens everything (and everyone) in existence as the DARK AGES hits the Marvel Universe! X-Men and Avengers assemble. Spider-People and Fantastic Four come together. Heroes for Hire fight alongside Champions—but none of it will be enough. Plus, the origin of the Master of Time continues to unravel in KANG THE CONQUEROR (2021), Death comes for Doctor Strange, and in the X-MEN books, Magneto stands trial for his crimes against Krakoa, while Marvel Stormbreaker Peach Momoko spins a new legend from her ‘Demon Days’ saga in DEMON DAYS: CURSED WEB #1

Readers can also expect brand-new series and specials from the Infinity Comics lineup! First up? SPIDER-BOTS ACTIVATE! For most of his crime-fighting career, the Amazing Spider-Man has worked on his own—but some jobs are too big even for a wall-crawling wonder! Luckily, he’s got a team of technological wonders called the SPIDER-BOTS, who’re equipped with some of the most cutting-edge tech this side of Avengers Tower. Creators Jordan Blum and Alberto Albuquerque bring you this new, weekly series with fresh chapters each Friday! Plus, the X-Men get into the holiday spirit in MIGHTY MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL – HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MR. HOWLETT #1—but a certain clawed Canuck’s not having it! Rounding out the month is a New Year’s one-shot starring Iceman! What will Bobby Drake wish for in MIGHTY MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL – ICEMAN’S NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS? All this, and the jaw-dropping mid-series mark of SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN from Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra! 

As we look to 2022, we’re continuing to evolve Marvel Unlimited to be the premiere place to read Marvel Comics digitally with more Infinity Comics, more great series with all your favorite characters and even more exciting app updates that will make you proud to say, “MAKE MINE MARVEL!” 

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