Published July 28, 2023

Matt Murdock Answers a Higher Calling in 'Daredevil' #1

Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder’s new run of Daredevil begins on September 13. Get your first look at all-new covers and interior artwork now!

Earlier this month in the final issue of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checcheto’s Eisner-nominated run of DAREDEVIL, Matt Murdock sacrificed himself to a hellish fate. But have no fear—Daredevil will be reborn this fall in a new era from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Aaron Kuder!
Hitting stands on September 13, DAREDEVIL #1 will reveal the shocking price Matt had to pay to escape the afterlife and the biblical consequences his freedom has unleashed on the world. A changed man in more ways than one, Matt has now embraced a new role in life while Elektra continues to defend Hell’s Kitchen as the Woman Without Fear. Elektra would like nothing more than to give Matt the peace he deserves and allow him to live the life he was seemingly destined for, but a new enemy has other plans. Matt’s reemergence has released an unholy threat and in order to stop it from preying on the souls of Hell’s Kitchen, Matt will have to become the devil once more and reckon with the deadliest of sins!

Fans will have to wait to until DAREDEVIL #1 drops to comprehend the full scope and divine mystery of what Ahmed and Kuder have cooked up for Hell’s Kitchen’s cast of characters. In the meantime, check out never-before-seen artwork and a host of new variant covers! 
"I wanted to only take this job on if I felt like I had a new, unique take on Matt and on Hell's Kitchen,” Ahmed explained on Marvel’s original podcast series This Week in Marvel. “And so that's at the center of this… him and his world, but it's the Marvel Universe. What I've really enjoyed in talking with other editors, other offices, is finding ways through these first couple of arcs we have planned to keep this centered on Matt, keep this centered on his people, in his world, but to bring (in a very organic and surprising fun way) some familiar Marvel figures that I think are going to blow people's mind when they pop up on the page!"
Behind a cover from industry and DAREDEVIL legend, John Romita Jr., behold the shocking fate of Matt Murdock when DAREDEVIL #1 in graces stands on September 13!

Retailers, don’t forget to order your copies of DAREDEVIL #1 by Monday, July 31!

Daredevil #1

Variant Cover by AARON KUDER
Foil Variant Cover by ALEX LOZANO
Variant Cover by FRANK MILLER 
Virgin Variant Cover by FRANK MILLER 
Variant Cover by EJIKURE 
Virgin Variant Cover by EJIKURE 
Variant Cover by PEPE LARRAZ
Bullseye Variant Cover by WHILCE PORTACIO
Blank Variant Cover 
On Sale 9/13

See below for a full cover gallery and a preview of pages of Daredevil #1!


Daredevil #1 Cover Gallery



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