Published December 23, 2019

New This Week in Marvel Unlimited: Digital Comics to Binge Through the Holidays

This week’s additions will fill you with cheer!

This week on Marvel Unlimited… as you’re unwrapping holiday presents, several series are wrapping up with explosive finales!

JIM #5

Top of our list? Try WOLVERINE: INFINITY WATCH in full, starring Logan doing what he does best—protecting the universe from cosmic disaster. Want to find out how Wolverine got his claws on an Infinity Stone? And how he kept popping up all over the place for a little while, (even though he was dead)? The answers to all that and more are here, plus we get the bonus of a very special guest star—Loki Laufeyson, Lord of Lies!

New in MU_B

And, continue Blockbuster mega-event WAR OF THE REALMS! Try the pulse pounding conclusion to must-read tie-in series WAR OF THE REALMS: WAR SCROLLS, where the God Without Fear takes his battle directly to Malekith’s hordes!

New in MU_C

Plus, Spidey and his cross-Realm crew are fighting for their lives, (and all of existence), in SPIDER-MAN & THE LEAGUE OF REALMS #3! Once an ally of Thor, Kurse has been transformed by Malekith into a hideous force of destruction… and this former Dark Elf may prove the single, fatal blow to the League!

New in MU_D

Maybe you’re feeling a throwback vibe! We recommend X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN – X-TINCTION. The final issue has arrived, and it’s out with the old and in with the blue and gold as the X-Men enter the radical 90s! Revisit classic storylines like the return of Jean Grey, the trial of Magneto and X-Tinction Agenda! With appearances by Jubilee, Gambit and the Reavers, this sensational series by writer and artist Ed Piskor will delight X-fans new and minted.

New in MU_E
“De name’s Gambit!”

And, who doesn’t need a festive pick-me-up during the most wonderful time of the year? Try our Holiday Special Reading Guide for themed comics that will make you want to roast chestnuts by an open fire, (or just give you that warm, feel-good vibe…)


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