Published December 30, 2019

New This Week in Marvel Unlimited: The Most Epic Thor Event Ever Comes to a Close

Read the globe-spanning ‘War of the Realms’ in full with the digital comics mega-library!

New this week in Marvel Unlimited… Here at last! The world-shattering conclusion to WAR OF THE REALMS has arrived, and the leadership of Asgard is up for grabs. See this storm of Thors in finale issue WAR OF THE REALMS #6—and it’s raining Old Thor, Young Thor, Jane Foster: Thor, plus an Odinson! We have only one question… Frog Thor? No? That’s OK, this showstopper’s still worthy of a read. Try the entire event with our curated-in-full Reading List.

New in MU_A

If you’re looking for some solid one-off stories, this week’s stacked. Head back to the most collectible, holographic decade of them all with MARVEL COMCIS PRESENTS #6, a set of anthology tales featuring Marvel’s stars of the 90s! (*cough every single mutant and Deadpool cough*)…

New in MU_B

We’d also encourage you to check out WOLVERINE: EXIT WOUNDS #1. Legends like Chris Claremont, Larry Hama and Sam Kieth reunite for three untold tales about the X-Men’s resident “bub”. If you’ve ever wanted to learn Logan’s secret ramen recipe, this is your deal. You’ll also be treated to a gorgeously stylized Venom vs. Wolverine showdown that’s truly dreamy.

New in MU_C
The master Sam Kieth, everyone.

Rounding out the mutant front is the series finale to Marvel Unlimited favorite, ‘Mr. and Mrs. X’. Rogue, Gambit and Gambit’s ex-wife are in serious hot water with the External, Candra, and the fate of the New Orleans’ Thieves Guild lies in limbo. But what’s an egoistic immortal being compared to the most terrifying threat of them all: a visit with the in-laws?

New in MU_D

As charming as Southern hospitality, this easy, breezy series is ideal for any new reader, or those who love some “kiss” with their KA-POWS! Seriously, give this 12-issue run a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

New in MU_E

On the galactic front, two comics caught our eye this week, THANOS #3 and STAR WARS: AGE OF REBELLION - DARTH VADER #1. In ‘Thanos’, Gamora’s training with the Mad Titan kicks off, and what doesn’t kill her, may make her lose a few limbs…

New in MU_F

Then, we may actually see the dead, frozen cockles of Vader’s artificially beating heart warm over, as the Sith Lord reflects on his past as a Jedi Knight…

New in MU_G
“You were my brother, Anakin!”

But then a mere Moff starts pulling rank, and Vader’s back to his old, unpredictable ways. And honestly, we love him for it.

New in MU_H

Maybe you want some guided reading this week? Check out some of the Marvel Unlimited Editors’ top picks of the year with our 2019 DEBUTS. A new decade is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to reflect and read up! Or, learn all about the lineage of Soviet super soldiers with our RED GUARDIAN Character Close Up—featuring every Russian man, woman, or Life Model Decoy who’s ever worn the suit!

New in MU_I

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