Published December 16, 2019

New This Week in Marvel Unlimited: Trip Through the Void with ‘Silver Surfer: Black’

Take a look at all this week’s additions for your digital comics stack!

This week on Marvel Unlimited... The WAR OF THE REALMS goes airborne in Wakanda and Heven, as the ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY soar to victory in their series finale!

New in MU_A
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Continue the event with this week’s tie-in issues, CHAMPIONS (2019) #6, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (2018) #7, VENOM (2018) #15, and, our personal favorite, THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL (2015) #45… and keep reading with our updated-weekly event list!

New in MU_B
Squirrel Stealth Suit, engaged!

Our top pick this week? The debut issue of SILVER SURFER: BLACK by Donny Cates and Tradd Moore!

Silver Surfer: Black (2019) #1

Silver Surfer: Black (2019) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Sucked into a pit of oblivion, (and separated from his GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY crew), the Sentinel of the Spaceways threatens to be lost to the void as his Power Cosmic seeps from his very being…

New in MU_C

But in this primordial wasteland… a light! The Surfer manages to summon his last reserve of strength to crash land on a distant, star-sucking planet, home to an Elder God with a super trippy squad of armed guards.

New in MU_D

But enough spoilers. Read this issue now to embark on a psychotropic voyage through space, all complemented by Tradd Moore’s insane layouts and Dave Stewart’s sensational colors.

New in MU_E

Another must-read addition this week? The freak show zombie nightmare that is IMMORTAL HULK #19, where Bruce Banner’s Hulk is attacked by an acid-spewing science project.

New in MU_F
I mean, just go ahead and help us too.

Believe it or not, that’s not the most disgusting thing to go down in #19. Stick around for a last page reveal that will have you all like…

New in MU_G

Wrapping up this week? STAR WARS: VADER - DARK VISIONS! Think there’s only a Sith Lord under Darth Vader’s shiny, black-chromed helmet? Turns out, there’s a knight in shining armor too! The most desperate corners of the galaxy turn to the Imperial Commander for order, while one woman learns the price of giving her heart to the tall, dark, man of mystery.

New in MU_H

Looking for a good tale from the back catalog? Try GARGOYLE (1985) for the tragic fable of Isaac Christians, a man cursed to share a body with a demon as part of a Faustian bargain gone wrong. And read DEFENDERS (1972) to see Gargoyle play on a team!

New in MU_I
Uh, he’s not always like this.



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