Published June 21, 2024

New York City Braces for a Mutant Evolution in 'NYX'

Check out all the covers for the debut issue of Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Francesco Mortarino’s 'NYX', on sale July 24.

In the wake of Krakoa, a group of former X-Men students must navigate young adulthood, discrimination, and threats bent on shattering human-mutant relations for good in NYX, a new ongoing series from hotshot writing duo Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (TIMELESSALIEN: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD) and rising star artist Francesco Mortarino (AVENGERSCULT OF CARNAGE: MISERY). This exciting new X-Men series set in the upcoming From the Ashes era kicks off on July 24 and today, fans can check out all the covers that will grace the highly anticipated debut issue.

Like the groundbreaking original series, NYX won’t shy away from reflecting the harsh realities of life as a mix of iconic and fan-favorite mutants reenter a world filled with bigotry, mistrust, and misinformation. No longer under the X-Men’s guidance or Krakoa’s protection, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Sophie Cuckoo, Prodigy, Anole, and more must rise above the hate and division they encounter at work, school, and in their social lives by forging a new form of mutant community. But they aren’t the only ones looking to uplift mutantkind. As fans saw earlier this week in a foreboding teaser, a mutant called the Krakoan is twisting the dream of Krakoa to dominate the city! A former X-Man, fans will learn the Krakoan’s identity and meet his very powerful compatriots right in NYX (2024) #1.

NYX #1’s covers are drawn by some of today’s most popular cover artists. Rickie Yagawa draws a striking group shot of the main cast while Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Pablo Villalobos, Rogê Antônio, and veteran artist Todd Nauck deliver stunning images of Laura Kinney, aka Wolverine, who made her comic book debut in the original series and now brings the action to the title once again! A Logo Variant Cover is also available.

“A lot of these [new] books, while there are some incredible solo titles, are X-team books,” Kelly told Polygon, who also shared an exclusive first look. “And they’re very much about X-Men solving X-Men problems. One of the things that we’re lensing in on is 'Yes, this is arguably a team, but they’re not a super hero team. They are a friendship, they are a community.'”

Check out the covers and preorder NYX #1 at your local comic shop today!

NYX (2024) #1 Variant Cover by Rickie Yagawa

NYX #1 – 75960620918700111
Variant Cover by RICKIE YAGAWA – 75960620918700118
Variant Cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU – 75960620918700131
Virgin Variant Cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU – 75960620918700117
Variant Cover by ROGÊ ANTÔNIO – 75960620918700151
Windowshades Variant Cover by TODD NAUCK – 75960620918700161
Variant Cover by PABLO VILLALOBOS – 75960620918700121
Virgin Variant Cover by PABLO VILLALOBOS – 75960620918700116
Logo Variant Cover – 75960620918700141
On Sale 7/24

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