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fighting skills



In the mid-20th Century, atomic bomb testing took place
on the South Pacific island Krakoa. Possibly due to the use of materials
beyond just nuclear energy, all life on the island merged with the land
itself, creating one enormous, singular entity. For decades, the nowliving
Krakoa nourished itself by capturing animals that flew or swam
too near. Though not a true mutant, Krakoa somehow registered on
Professor Charles Xavier’s mutant-detecting Cerebro computer, and he
sent his team of X-Men led by Cyclops (Scott Summers) to the island to
investigate. Seemingly finding a peaceful, uninhabited island, the X-Men
were lured further inland, where it sprouted large humanoid forms from
the earth and captured them, intending to nourish itself with their powers.
Desperate to free his students, Xavier convinced his colleague Moira
MacTaggert to release four mutants she was training into his custody
and recruited them as a new team of X-Men. This team, led by Cyclops’
brother Kid Vulcan (Gabriel Summers), traveled to Krakoa and were met
by a volatile reception, as Krakoa produced more, and larger, humanoid
growths to combat them. These X-Men located the original team, but only
managed to free Cyclops. Not realizing Krakoa was sapping their abilities,
the X-Men continued to fight the island, but it created a volcanic humanoid
form that quickly tore X-Men member Sway apart with a lava blast. As
she died, the last of her powers slowed time on the island, and as X-Men
members Kid Vulcan, Darwin and Petra were being incinerated by Krakoa,
Petra instinctively pulled the three far underground, below Krakoa’s control.
Though Petra perished in the process, Vulcan and Darwin merged and
survived, inert. Weak and powerless, Cyclops fled to the Blackbird jet, and
returned to Xavier Mansion. Distraught by losing these students, Xavier
wiped the memory of the second X-Men team’s presence from Cyclops’
mind – letting him think that he was actually released by Krakoa to lure
more mutants into its trap – and the two recruited yet another team to free
the original. When this third team of X-Men arrived on Krakoa, they freed
the original team, but were confronted by a massive semi-humanoid and
(allegedly due to Xavier’s manipulations) seemingly-sentient incarnation
of Krakoa, which shrugged off most of their assault. Her powers returning,
Polaris (Lorna Dane) magnetically severed Krakoa’s links to Earth,
causing the island to lose its gravitational pull. As both teams of X-Men
escaped, the majority of the island flew into the sky and outer space.
However, the portion of Krakoa containing Vulcan broke off, remaining in
orbit; Vulcan was later revived and separated from Darwin.




As an island, Krakoa presumably weighs several hundred tons





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