Published October 10, 2019

Prepare for the 'New Mutants' to Enter the Dawn of X

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Nearly 40 years ago, Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod introduced a group of teen heroes who became a touchstone for an entire generation of comic fans: The New Mutants.

Now, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brisson, and Rod Reis are bringing many of those characters back together for a space-faring mission that will lift the team to new heights with the Dawn of X. On November 6, that new era begins with NEW MUTANTS #1!

New Mutants (2019-) #1

Ahead of the new series debut, we're laying out the basics on what you need to know about this crop of beloved characters.



Bobby da Costa was just a kid when he began using his abilities to absorb and redirect solar energy alongside his fellow New Mutants. Since then, he's fought alongside Cable and X-Force and even started Avengers Idea Mechanics and its super team, the U.S.Avengers. Now, he's back with his old teammates and friends for an important mission.



Thanks to her werewolf-like transformational abilities, Rahne Sinclair has always struggled with balancing her human and animal natures, as readers have seen in NEW MUTANTS, X-FACTOR, and even EXCALIBUR. She holds a special place in her heart for her original teammates, though, as they helped her overcome her misconception that she was an inhuman monster, instead finding that she was a kid with incredible potential.



Initially wielding the ability to make a person see illusions of their darkest fears, Dani Moonstar gained a more offensive set of magic based skills after she and her team had dealings in Asgard (and she even became an honorary Valkyrie). Recently, when the actual Valkyrior were slain during WAR OF THE REALMS, Dani fought alongside many of her fellow New Mutants to stop Malekith's forces.



Of all the original New Mutants, Xi'an Coy Manh has spent the most time away from the super hero game thanks in part to her legal guardianship over her two younger siblings. However, her mutant power, which allows her to take over other peoples' bodies, has proven incredibly useful any time she's entered the field of battle.



Illyana Rasputin's earliest appearances mostly revolved around her big brother Colossus and his dealings with the X-Men. However, after she was snatched away to Limbo at the age of seven and returned a teen with both magical abilities and mutant teleportation powers, she became more of a focal character in her own right. That combination of special skills has made her a sought-after warrior both in and out of X-circles.



Given his talent of understanding any language—human, machine, alien, and anything in-between—Douglas Ramsey did not always get in on the action as much as his fellow New Mutants, but he's still proven an invaluable team member, even when bonded with Technarchy alien and friend Warlock. Recently, he's worked with Daredevil to try to take down Wilson Fisk, the Mayor of New York City, and also acted as the main translator between the Quiet Council and the living mutant homeland Krakoa.



While the New Mutants appealed to kid comic readers in the '80s, GENERATION X did the same in the following decade. With his face erased and replaced with psionic fire, Jono Starsmore became that group's brooding British boy. Over the years, he's matured in not only his outlook on life, but also in his control over his powers—which can go nuclear when necessary.



More than most, Mondo's history can be described as muddy at best thanks to a nasty bought of clone confusion and questionable alliances. With that in mind, this Generation X member (who can absorb the properties of any inorganic material he touches) remains the biggest question mark of this particular group!


One very prominent member of the classic New Mutants remains missing from the cover for NEW MUTANTS #1: Sam Guthrie. Cannonball has blasted his way into the hearts and minds of X-fans for years thanks to both his charm and his flying abilities, but his current whereabouts remain a mystery... Perhaps one that the New Mutants will solve!

Pre-order NEW MUTANTS #1 at your local comic shop now! Then pick up the ish on November 6!


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