Published February 15, 2017

Psych Ward: Agent Ortiz

After getting tangled up with The Punisher, the DEA rep faces suspension!

Image for Psych Ward: Agent Ortiz

Agent Ortiz, the client in question, reported for her debrief on time and appropriately attired for the session. She initially presented as respectful to the therapist’s position and the circumstances that had brought her to the office. However, as the session progressed, she became increasingly angry, dispirited, and disinterested in participating in a manner that the DEA would consider “helpful.”

At the heart of the client’s suspension and her anger is her involvement with a case that put her in contact with the violent criminal “vigilante” known as The Punisher, Frank Castle.

The client asserted to this writer that she began her career as an idealistic and rule adhering agent. A quick review of her file seems to reflect these assertions. Up until this current case, the client followed protocol well, seemed highly committed to the DEA’s mission statement, and delivered on several cases assigned to her.

In the course of working this case, however, she has acted in a way contrary to the oath she has sworn to uphold the law and to the standards and practices of the DEA. In her zeal for what she described as justice, she aligned herself with Castle on a dangerous and unsanctioned maneuver that resulted in the death of her partner, the decimation of a long-running operation, and the escape of The Punisher.

The client, however, generally refuses to accept responsibility for her actions or acknowledge her errors. Instead, she has outwardly directed her feelings, converting them mostly to anger and grief, and focusing all of them on Punisher.

Despite the terms she agreed to in her suspension, this writer must advise the DEA to monitor her closely. Everything about her presentation and what she disclosed suggests she has no intention of adhering to the agreement and plans to pursue Castle immediately with a focus firmly not on justice but revenge.

Given her level of animosity, clearly unstated and unaddressed negative emotions, and possible evidence of trauma reactive decision making, this writer is referring the client for further therapy from Doctor Becky Cloonan on March 15. The treatment note can be found in the file PUNISHER #10 if the client does attend. This writer warns, however, that this seems unlikely at this juncture.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Staff Therapist who is also a loose cannon that gets the job done.