Published July 12, 2022

Read the First Issue of ‘Avengers Unlimited’ for Free

Iron Man, Thor, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, and more of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes star in new weekly stories on the Marvel Unlimited app.


New on the Marvel Unlimited app: AVENGERS UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC drops its first two issues! In the series’ first six-part arc, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Thor are up against the mysterious machinations of the “Black Ledger.” This foe has assembled classic villains like Ghost, Taskmaster, the Tri-Sentinel, Moonstone, and more to face off against the heroes—but the mastermind behind these attacks has an unknown face…and motive.

Avengers Unlimited Announcement Article

New to the vertical Infinity Comics lineupAVENGERS UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC will release exclusively on the Marvel Unlimited app, with new chapters of the weekly series releasing every Tuesday. Creators David Pepose, Farid Karami, DC Alonso, and Davide Tinto kick off the anthology, but expect new story arcs and creative teams monthly.

In its first issue, Captain America and Iron Man are the first round of defense against the Black Ledger! When their sparring session is interrupted by two classic Avengers villains, Taskmaster and corporate saboteur Ghost, the two heroes must spring into action and act on the fly.

Get your first look at AVENGERS UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC here, then read the entire first issue for free! And, continue the story in issue #2, now available on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Iron Man flies into his sparring session against Captain America.
Captain America enters the scene.
Captain America enters the scene, shield in hand.
Taskmaster and Ghost drop in on Iron Man and Cap.

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