Published September 30, 2021

A Recap to Marvel Unlimited's AMA

The Marvel Unlimited team took to Reddit for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ about the all-new app, plus what’s on the horizon.

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The tech, development, and content teams behind the all-new, all-different Marvel Unlimited app asked you to “Ask Me Anything”!

Yesterday, we received over a hundred(!) questions on the Marvel Unlimited subreddit about what’s on the horizon for the newly relaunched app, features you’d like to see, series requests, and ongoing bug fixes that we know about and are working on. And yes, searching by Publication Date is coming back, readers!

Marvel-Official kicked off the convo and all of you brought your best! Grab a recap of the top questions below, and stay tuned to @MarvelUnlimited on Twitter and Facebook for more regular updates! Plus, keep dropping a line to @MarvelSupport on Twitter for the missing comics stories you’d like to read!

Here’s what you wanted to know...

On browsing comics and reading by publication date:

clippertonenetWhen are you going to restore the ability to search for comics by date?

Marvel-Official: This is actually something we're already working on and we expect to have search by date rolled out by the end of year!

On restored reading history:

Marvel-Official: User reading histories were added back for up to 500 comic issues. If you have over 500 issues in your reading history, rest assured, your entire history still exists! We're working on restoring access within the app very soon. Contact if you're not seeing your reading history (up to 500 issues) in the new app.

On updates right around the corner:

PhilAustin1970: When is the next update for the app due and which of the issues will it address?

Marvel-Official: Our plan is to release updates for the app regularly every few weeks. The next one is on track for next week, and it includes a bug fix for the status bar appearing over comic pages on iPads. There's more, of course, and we'll provide those details when the update arrives!

On reading events in reading order:

ThirdBorracho: Love the app! Will we ever be able to read an entire cross-title event in reading order? So like all issues related to Empyre in order

Marvel-Official: Yes! Currently the event Reading Guides are there to provide definitive reading orders, including tie-ins and crossover issues. They are really important parts of the app, and we will continue to expand their functionality, including making it easier to read them in order. The event guides are the best point of reference for any ordered reading.

On creating personal reading guides and lists:

Brief_Piano_323: Would love to be able to create my own personal reading list! 🙏

Marvel-Official: This is definitely something that we're excited about as well! We'd love to see you be able to create your own reading list and share with your friends. We're exploring how this can become a reality.

On “read” status and current loading issues:

Marvel-Official: We're working on read status and comics loading issues with the team. Our recent 7.2 release fixed some of the loading issues but if that's still occurring for you and you've updated to 7.2 already, please make sure to reach out to

On current search and future updates:

Marvel-Official: In the updated app, we built functionality in to the library that will allow you to sort and filter by a host of aspects—publication date, recently saved, alphabetical order, year of publication, characters, creators, read status, etc. The idea was to give readers more control and flexibility in how to navigate and organize their library. 

We do have other functionality and aspects of sort and filter that we're exploring. When we launch products, we don’t launch them and leave them as they are. These are living products and we will be developing as a continual and iterative process!

And, finally, this hard-hitting question that got the whole team thinking:

JeffRyan1: Around the office, do you pronounce it "EM-You", "em-YOU," or "Moo"?

Marvel-Official: We've been pronouncing it "Em-YOU,” but now we can't unhear "Moo," so you've just convinced the entire office!


And our signoff! (For now.)

Marvel-Official: Thanks for all your passion and loyalty to Marvel and Marvel Unlimited, we'll be working hard to provide regular updates to the new app and we're sure many of you will see your requests come to life over time. Please keep the feedback coming and thanks again!

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