Published February 10, 2023

'Red Goblin' #2 First Look Pits Normie Osborn Against the Goblin King

In a special first look at 'Red Goblin' #2, Normie Osborn attempts to rescue his grandfather with a little help from his symbiote Rascal.

As an Osborn, Normie has always struggled with his family legacy, but he's about to take that fight to a whole new level.

In RED GOBLIN (2023) #1 by Alex Paknadel and Jan Bazaldua, Normie witnessed Norman's abduction by Goblin Nation, the gang his grandfather ran during his time as Green Goblin. Now, in RED GOBLIN (2023) #2, Normie will do whatever it takes to get his grandfather back… even if that means working with the volatile symbiote he calls Rascal. Together, they will face the new Goblin King, who took over Goblin Nation after Norman's sins were cleansed by Sin-Eater.

A special first look at RED GOBLIN (2023) #2 shows Norman watching in horror as the Goblin King shows off his physical prowess. In another page, Normie and Rascal reunite, which allows them to swing across the city in pursuit of Goblin Nation. Then, in a final preview page, Normie and Rascal come face-to-face with the Goblin King… but not before dumping a sewer's worth of rats on him!

See Red Goblin swing into action against Goblin King in a special first look at RED GOBLIN #2 below!

RED GOBLIN #2 artwork by Jan Bazaldua

On Sale 3/15

Will Normie be able to save his grandfather in time? Find out in RED GOBLIN #2, on sale March 15!

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RED GOBLIN (2023) #2 cover by In-Hyuk Lee



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