Published November 21, 2023

Behold the Master of Magnetism in John Tyler Christopher's 'Resurrection of Magneto' #1 Cover

Check out an all-new variant cover for Al Ewing and Luciano Vecchio's 'Resurrection of Magneto' #1, on sale January 24.

The end of the Krakoan Age is upon us, and mutantkind will need one of its strongest leaders back for its final battle in RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO!

Written by Al Ewing and drawn by Luciano Vecchio, the four issue limited series will continue Ewing’s bold work on Storm and Magneto from the pages of X-MEN RED as Storm embarks on a mystical quest to resurrect Magneto following his death in last year’s A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY. The saga will be one of several spinning out of the events of FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X and RISE OF THE POWERS OF X, the interconnected series that will serve as Krakoa’s grand finale. 

Today, fans can check out a show-stopping new variant cover by artist John Tyler Christopher. In his popular Negative Space style, the best-selling cover artist beautifully captures the character’s gravitas and power, depicting Magneto in his classic iconic costume.

"When we killed Magneto, there was a plan," Ewing explained at New York Comic Con. "This isn’t going to be a golden egg, easy path to resurrection. This is the hard road."

RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #1 Negative Space Virgin Variant Cover by John Tyler Christopher

Written by AL EWING
Negative Space Virgin Variant Cover by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER
On Sale 1/24

Check out the cover now and preorder RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #1 at your local comic shop today!

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