Published December 29, 2021

Read the Opening Pages of 'Sabretooth' #1

Preview Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk's new series—then pre-order the issue today!

When Krakoa was founded, Sabretooth went into the Pit, sentenced to an eternity of torment. Sounds like hell, sure...but maybe that's where he feels most at home.

What's he been doing down there? What secret deal has changed his fate forever? And what if he's not alone?

On February 2, read SABRETOOTH #1 to find out!

SABRETOOTH #1 cover by Ryan Stegman
SABRETOOTH #1 cover by Ryan Stegman

In the new series, award-winning novelist Victor LaValle teams up with amazing artist Leonard Kirk to bring us the story of what lies beneath Krakoa...

Flip through the gallery below to read the opening pages of the new ish, then pre-order with your local comic shop before reading it in full on February 2!

SABRETOOTH #1 variant cover by Ryan Brown



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