Published April 1, 2022

Savage Avengers #1 First Look Sends Conan's New Team Into Action

A special first look at May's 'Savage Avengers' #1 previews the chaos to come.

Even an accomplished warrior like Conan the Barbarian needs a little help every now and then. Fortunately, that's exactly what he'll find in SAVAGE AVENGERS #1 when he assembles a team of loners, berserkers and killers to help him fend off a threat from the future.

In David Pepose and Carlos Magno's debut issue, Conan will encounter an enemy unlike any other he's faced before: Deathlok, a cybernetic soldier of the future. Outgunned, outmatched and on the run, Conan turns to such allies as Daredevil, Anti-Venom, Weapon H, Black Knight, and Cloak and Dagger for help. However, by coming to his aid, they may have just painted a target on their own backs.

Now, a special first look at SAVAGE AVENGERS #1 offers a glimpse of the chaos to come. On one page, Deathlok looms over Conan, his gun ablaze. In another, Dagger, Daredevil, Weapon H, Anti-Venom and Black Knight cry out in anguish as Cloak's powers are unleashed. Other pages show the team working in tandem to take Deathlok down, with varying degrees of success.

"Working on SAVAGE AVENGERS is like a baptism of fire,” Magno said of the upcoming book. “It's like David Pepose and I are dealing with nitroglycerin.” 

Behold Conan's new team in a special first look at SAVAGE AVENGERS #1 below!

Savage Avengers #1 artwork by Carlos Magno

On Sale 5/4

Check out the preview below, and be there when SAVAGE AVENGERS #1 hits stands on May 4.

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