Published February 16, 2024

Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver's Top Sibling Rivalry Moments

As Wanda and Pietro fall into another family feud in 'Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver' #1, revisit a few of their other arguments from Avengers history.

Although the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have never experienced a steady family life, they've always had each other—but like any siblings, they've gone through more than a few arguments, too. From their early days with Magneto to their numerous stints with the Avengers, these two heroes have clashed over Pietro's overprotective nature and Wanda's unstable powers and abilities, among other things. Despite all that, though, the Maximoff twins have always found a way back to each other.

After building a new life and rejoining the Avengers, Wanda is teaming up with Pietro again in SCARLET WITCH & QUICKSILVER (2024) #1 by Steve Orlando, Lorenzo Tammetta, Frank William, and VC's Ariana Maher. As their latest reunion leads to a new argument, let's take a look back at some of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's biggest family feuds.


The first major rift between Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch stemmed from her budding romance with the Vision. Under the belief that Wanda's relationship with Vision would ultimately end in heartbreak, Pietro confronted his sister about her feelings for their teammate in AVENGERS (1963) #99 by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith

Shortly after this conversation, Quicksilver was seriously injured and nursed back to health by the Inhuman Crystal, with whom he fell in love and eventually married. When Pietro greeted Wanda with news about his marriage, she revealed she was dating the Vision in AVENGERS (1963) #110 by Steve Englehart, Don Heck, and John Buscema. Quicksilver responded to this happy news by forbidding the relationship and telling her not to contact him again until she stopped seeing Vision.


After Scarlet Witch married Vision and began studying magic, Quicksilver and Wanda teamed up to investigate their mysterious family history with Django Maximoff, who raised them and believed they were his children. Although he briefly put their souls in dolls with his mystical skills, the Maximoff twins still accompanied Django to their former home at Mount Wundagore, where Wanda was possessed by the dark Elder God Chthon in AVENGERS (1963) #186 by David Michelinie, Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant, and John Byrne

After Modred the Mystic captured Wanda, he used her as a vessel to summon Chthon, who possessed her physical form and tore through Quicksilver and the Avengers. After finding the doll that held his sister's soul, Quicksilver and the Avengers helped Wanda overcome Chthon, although the process left Django dead.


After coming to believe Magneto was his father and that his wife had an affair, Quicksilver turned against the Scarlet Witch and the rest of the Avengers in WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUAL (1986) #1 by Steve Englehart and Mark Bright. Feeling abandoned and unsupported by the Avengers, Quicksilver accused the team of treason and testified against them. When they confronted him, Pietro listed several reasons for his actions, including the group's unanimous support of Wanda's marriage to Vision. 

Around this time, Scarlet Witch and Vision were trying to live a quiet life with their infant children, Billy and Tommy Maximoff. Just as Wanda suited up to confront her brother, Vision stopped her and showed the speedster a hologram of his sons. After reminding Pietro that his nephews were innocents who would need him, the speedster ran away.


After attacking the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans, Quicksilver turned his attention toward the Scarlet Witch and her Avengers team again in WEST COAST AVENGERS (1985) #34 by Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom. Still reeling over the revelation that Magneto was his father, Quicksilver captured the West Coast Avengers and announced his intentions to follow in Magneto's footsteps by becoming the "King of Evil Mutants." When Wanda tried to talk to her brother, he ran away again, and her team escaped his prison. 

Pietro was injured during a subsequent battle with Kristoff Vernard, Doctor Doom's heir, but ran away from his sister when she tried to help him. Shortly after this, Quicksilver learned his villainous actions were caused by Maximus the Mad, who tested mind-control equipment on him in X-FACTOR ANNUAL (1986) #2 by Jo Duffy and Tom Grindberg.


After losing her children and learning they had been created from aspects of Mephisto, Wanda was particularly vulnerable, which led her to become the Dark Scarlet Witch in WEST COAST AVENGERS (1985) #55 by John Byrne. Delighting in cruelty and violence, this warped version of Wanda rejoined Magneto to help him carry out his villainous schemes. 

Quicksilver also teamed up with Magneto and Wanda as a double agent to keep his sister from killing their old teammates. After Quicksilver tried to stop Wanda, Immortus—a future version of Kang the Conqueror—revealed he was behind her dark turn and recent power boost. Since Wanda is a nexus being, the time-traveling Avengers foe wanted to use her power to affect timelines for his own purposes. However, Agatha Harkness convinced Wanda, her student, to give up her nexus powers, and the Scarlet Witch returned to the Avengers.


After Scarlet Witch went through a mental breakdown that resulted in a deadly attack on the Avengers, she was near her lowest point. Convinced that the Avengers would kill Wanda, Quicksilver urged his vulnerable sister to use her powers to alter reality in HOUSE OF M (2005) #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel. In the world she created, Magneto ruled over a majority mutant population, and most heroes lived in an idealized version of their lives. 

Although the siblings worked together throughout this story, Quciksilver's manipulation was a sticking point in their relationship, and Wanda depowered Pietro when she depowered many of the world's mutants, even though he is not a mutant. This tortured Pietro and turned him down a more villainous path, starting in SON OF M (2005) #1 by David Hine and Roy Allan Martinez.


After Scarlet Witch rejoined the Avengers, she and Doctor Doom accidentally inverted the moralities of several heroes while trying to stop the Red Skull from using the psychic powers of the late Professor X's brain. This turned Wanda and the other heroes caught in her spell into villains, while it made the nearby villains more heroic. 

Unaffected by the spell, Quicksilver teamed up with a heroic Magneto, leading the evil Wanda to attack her bother in AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS (2014) #7 by Rick Remender and Adam Kubert. Wanda cast a spell that only affected members of her biological family, incapacitating Pietro. However, Magneto remained unaffected, which revealed he was not the father of the Maximoff twins. After taunting Magneto over their lack of familial relation, Wanda was manipulated into undoing the inversion spell, and she and Pietro went on to investigate their heritage together.


While Wanda stepped away from the Avengers to investigate her lineage, a disagreement between Iron Man and Captain Marvel escalated into CIVIL WAR II. When the heroes divided into opposing sides, Quicksilver ran to Wanda in SCARLET WITCH (2015) #9 by James Robinson and Joelle Jones. As a condescending Pietro ordered her to join Iron Man's faction, she stopped him in his tracks. Citing the historical relationship between witches and fortune-tellers, Wanda said she favored Captain Marvel's side but would remain neutral in the conflict. 

The siblings argued about Pietro's controlling nature, his role in HOUSE OF M, and his wishes against Wanda's relationship with Vision. After a brief fight, Wanda told Pietro she did not want to see him again. Nevertheless, the siblings reunited to help the spirit of their mother stop the Chaos entity shortly after this.


In SECRET EMPIRE (2017), Steve Rogers was replaced with a Captain America who was secretly a loyal agent of Hydra. When this twisted Captain America attacked and took over the United States, the Avengers assembled to take him down in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (SECRET EMPIRE) (2017) #1 by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino

During the battle, an unseen force took over the Scarlet Witch and began attacking Pietro and the other Avengers. While Quicksilver joined the Underground resistance against Hydra, Wanda teamed up with Hydra's Avengers and lashed out at her brother when they met in SECRET EMPIRE (2017) #4 by Spencer and Leinil Francis Yu. After realizing Wanda had been possessed by Chthon again, Doctor Strange freed her with help from Thor (Jane Foster).


With a renewed sense of purpose, Scarlet Witch rejoined the Avengers and opened the Emporium, a store where she sells magical remedies and helps those with nowhere else to turn. When Quicksilver stopped by, a mysterious locked box with Magneto's handwriting arrived at the store in SCARLET WITCH & QUICKSILVER (2024) #1

Once she pried into the box, Wanda found a letter she would not let Pietro see. After reading the letter, Wanda said it was too hurtful for her brother to read and destroyed it. This conversation quickly devolved into an argument over how Pietro dismissively treated Wanda in the past, his fear of her power, and his chronic lack of respect towards her. When Quicksilver ran away, the Scarlet Witch lamented that a single piece of paper undid the work they had done to repair their relationship.

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