Published January 10, 2020

Scott Lang Flies Into a Global Conspiracy in 'Ant-Man' #1

Scott also tries to impress his daughter Cassie Lang in this new series from Zeb Wells!

It seems like being a Super Hero would make you the coolest dad ever in the Marvel Universe, but Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man is still trying to convince his teenage daughter. In ANT-MAN #1, the first part of a new limited series written by Zeb Wells with art by Dylan Burnett, Scott and Cassie AKA Stinger are seemingly at odds with each other, but Scott is just a hero doing his best! Have a look at some preview art from ANT-MAN #1, which hits comic shops on Wednesday, February 5:

Ant-Man #1 preview art
ANT-MAN (2020) #1
Ant-Man #1 preview art
ANT-MAN (2020) #1

In the beginning of the series, Scott is desperate to raise his daughter’s opinion of him, so he takes a job from local beekeepers only to uncover a global conspiracy that could topple the world order! No time to call the Avengers, this sounds like a job for – ANT-MAN?!

Ant-Man #1 preview art
ANT-MAN (2020) #1

ANT-MAN #1, written by Zeb Wells with art by Dylan Burnett, goes on sale Wednesday, February 5. Pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop!

Ant-Man #1


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