Published September 17, 2018

Sina Grace Reveals More About the Final Scene of Iceman #1

A big X-cameo was featured in the final panel -- what does it mean?

ICEMAN #1 officially glided onto shelves last week, and it marked a great return for a fan favorite character! Bobby Drake aka Iceman is back, trying to navigate a social life, and teaming up with a new crew to help defeat a new threat.

Writer Sina Grace provided some insight on what's happening with the Morlocks and what readers can expect: "Similar to my last run on Iceman, I’m gonna take my time coming back to these faux-Mauraders. It’s safe to say that they’re just one of a few players in Mr. Sinister’s grander schemes."

Here's a page featuring an early fight in this new battle:

Art by Nathan Stockman

Art by Nathan Stockman

Page from Iceman 1

But the biggest scene-stealer in ICEMAN #1 was another frosty member of the X-Men, Emma Frost, who made an appearance in the final panel. What are her intentions? Grace offered some insight: "Emma Frost, in all her White Queen badassery, needs Iceman for a family affair. We’re gonna get to see her be tough, vulnerable, and you can bet that Iceman is gonna get something special out of the encounter!"

Art by Nathan Stockman

Art by Nathan Stockman

Emma Frost in Iceman

ICEMAN #1 is now on sale online and at your local comic shop! You can also pre-order your copy of ICEMAN #2, which goes on sale Wednesday, October 10!



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