Published December 14, 2018

Spider-Ham and 10 Other Animal Heroes

Here's a look at Spider-Ham's ten most interesting cohorts.

To celebrate Peter Porker's recent resurgence, here are ten of the most important, interesting and down-right hilarious characters that surrounded Spider-Ham in his adventures.

May Porker

Peter Porker started life as a humanoid spider in scientist May Porker's basement. After a mishap with her atomic-powered hairdryer, May lost her marbles a bit, got a taste for arachnid and bit into Peter, mutating him into the Spectacular Spider-Ham! May eventually calmed down and took care of her new family member and sought to find the good in everyone including Ham's rogue's gallery.

Goose Rider

This fine fowl hangs around a small town where kids dig his jacket and try to roast hotdogs and marshmallows on his flaming motorcycle. When facing threats, Goose Rider looks to the heavens, honks and summons a lightning bolt that vanquishes his foes. Goose Rider once transported to the Bee-Yonder's planet where a punch from the Larval Earth's version of Red Skull socked him with an uppercut.

Goose Rider

Awful Flight

Consisting of Summersquash (a walrus), Snow-Youse (a cat?), Aroma (a skunk) and Hockeypuck (a beaver), Awful Flight debuted with the intent of heading to the States to solve the acid rain problem. Instead, the team got sidetracked when Hockeypuck found an American dollar. Hopefully Canadian readers ignore their team being called “awful” and take solace in the abundance of lumberjack hats.

Crayfin the Bunter

A former baseball superstar, Crayfin sought revenge after Peter Porker's “Daily Beagle” article exposed that he took inhuman growth hormone to up his game. On a rampage, the villain kidnapped Peter and his staff, hitting baseballs at them in his secret lair below the baseball field. Luckily for Peter, the Sensational Swiney-Girl swung in to make sure he struck out.

 Captain Americat

Peter Porker’s coworker, Steve Mouser, debuted by saving Porker and the duo took on Hulk-Bunny and the Marauder. Americat later fell under the sway of Grey Gopher and the symbol of American animals found himself wearing overalls and performing as "the Wicked Spirit of Wanton Savagery" before getting blossoms thrown at him which transformed the hero into a prancing creature of spring.

Captain Americat


Carple served his country in Viet Ham but when his wife refused to buy cookies from a mob boss's daughter, Sealia met her end thanks to hundreds of oatmeal cream pies. Carple, now known as the Punfisher, set out to rid the world of criminal scum. He met Spider-Ham while investigating Doctor Octopussycat and has been known to shoot jaywalkers and used lobster guns and feather dusters for weapons.

Fantastic Fur

The group consists of Simian Torch, Mooster Fantastic, Invisible Gorilla and Ben Grizzly the Thang and took on Galactypus by themselves on a deserted island. The planet-eater sent spitball-hurling evil doppelgängers after the heroes which gave then a run for their money. The world lucked out because Galactypus stuffed himself on rocks, trees and birdies, had his fill and flew off.

Ducktor Doom

When Peter Porker and J. Jonah Jackal crash landed on his island, Ducktor Doom sent kangaroos and ducks to collect the intruders who interrupted his plans to create the perfect rock music video in order to become "the most powerful duck in the world." When becoming a pop superstar wasn’t everything it was “quacked” up to be, Doom hatched a plan that included turning vegetables into servants.

Ducktor Doom

Nick Furry, Agent of S.H.E.E.P.

Nick Furry Agent of S.H.E.E.P.’s legacy features plenty of animal mash-ups, from his partner Dodo Dugan to his target Deathsquawk. Different from his human counterpart, Nick Furry tends to pick weapons that blow up in his face. Nick once got stuck to the floor by Paste Pot Peep, but he and Dodo still got props from President Raccoon after Spider-Ham really saved the day from Mandaringtail.

The Swinester Six

Consisting of  Dr. Octopussy, The Buzzard, Sandmanatee, Green Gobbler, Eelectro, and Mysteriape, the group draws Spider-Ham's attention by kidnapping his aunt, girlfriend and boss. Thanks to some solid fighting on Spidey's part and Aunt May's secret ability to accidentally incapacitate Dr. Octopussy, the day was saved which meant that Peter Porker could go home to celebrate his 25th birthday!




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