Published October 11, 2017

23 Most Dangerous Objects in the Marvel Universe

We assembled a list of the most powerful weapons, artifacts, and tools.

Image for Spirits of Vengeance: Weaponized

Even super heroes and supernatural beings can use a little extra firepower sometimes. Below, we’ve assembled the greatest, most reality-altering, life-extinguishing, Earth-destroying objects in the Universe.

Black Vortex
A quasi-mirror that reveals the user’s cosmic potential—and if the beholder submits to the Vortex, they can achieve that potential. Corruption, however, seems like an inevitable conclusion of its use; those who submit often experience personality changes and cause destruction and heartbreak as a result.

The Casket of Ancient Winters
An Asgardian artifact that, when opened, can plunge any, or all, of the nine realms into eternal winter.

Cosmic Cube
The number one reality-altering object in the universe. The Cosmic Cube lends its user the power to control matter and energy—and yields terrible and destructive results. This object is frequently used by The Red Skull, which lends an insight to the Cube’s problematic nature.

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The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak
Created by a magical ancient being, the Gem possesses the power to turn whomever touches it into The Juggernaut. An Exemplar of Cyttorak, the one who captures this identity gains nearly unstoppable physical power.

The Darkhold
Also referred to as The Book of Sins or Shiatra Book of the Damned, contains the text of all the evil magic spells of the world. While some appear in other tomes, this cursed volume acts as the source.

Valkyrie’s sword—passed to her from Doctor Strange who himself inherited it from The Ancient One. The sword can shatter mystical barriers and absorb magic when in contact with blood.

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Ebony Blade
Created by Merlin and sourced from an alien metal, this sword detects metal objects, cuts through nearly any surface, and protects the wielder from death. It also appears to be cursed—and often craves spilled blood.

Enchanted Hammers (Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, Thunderstrike, Manbreaker, Soulbreaker, Oceanbreaker, Worldbreaker, Faithbreaker, Stonebreaker, Willbreaker)
A collection of Asgardian implements, with the most famous among them, Mjolnir, frequently brandished by Thor, those acting as Thor, and Thor-colleagues like Thunderstrike and Beta Ray Bill. The other hammers resurfaced as Cul, brother of Odin, attempted to claim the kingdom of Asgard as his own by bestowing these weapons upon several of Earth’s heroes and villains. They granted the users incredible power, but also seemed to control their minds, emphasizing their most selfish, paranoid, and dangerous traits.

Evil Eye
An Avalonian artifact made of nearly indestructible material, the Evil Eye allows its holder to generate force fields, concussive blasts, energy nullification, and matter manipulation.

Eye of Agamotto
One of three Eyes, The Eye of Agamotto—also known as The Eye of Truth—can only be used via “white magic” and cannot be wielded by anyone with evil intent. It grants the user a telepathic power, reveals truths, issues an all-revealing light, and can visualize past events.

Gem of Infinite Suns
Another Asgardian artifact, this one contains the essence of a thousand suns and acts as an equal but opposite measure against the effects of the Casket of Ancient Winters.

Infinity Gauntlet and Gems
Longstanding as Thanos’ most coveted object in his quest to romance Death, the Gauntlet allows the wearer to hold each of the Gems (Power, Time, Space, Soul, Reality, and Mind) and wield them all at once. As a result, the wearer gains, in essence, omnipotence.

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Ka Stone
A fragment of the Lifestone Tree that, when discovered, turned a normal man into the villainous Sphinx, this stone’s powers include immortality, time travel, photographic memory, strength, flight, energy manipulation, and increased durability.

Mandarin’s Rings
A collection of ten rings sourced from alien technology, these are most often associated with Mandarin—though he neither created nor wielded them first. They offer a wide range of powers including energy blasts, beams, gases, levitation, and power over fire, ice, light, air, and electricity.

Created by the Kree as a response to Eon’s formation of the Quantum Bands, the Bands give those who wield them flight, strength, durability, interdimensional travel, and cosmic awareness. They also prevent the user from needing food, air, or water.

Neptune’s Trident
The three-pronged spear of a Greek god, this weapon acts as a wand and allows the user to for manipulate water, energy, and matter.

Norn Stones
Yet another magic item of Asgard—and a Loki favorite. The Stones have proven unpredictable over the years, granting power to certain owners (like Loki and The Hood), but remaining entirely unresponsive to the likes of Norman Osborn.

Quantum Bands
Eon cast these for use by the Protector of the Universe, A.K.A. Quasar. While similar to the Nega-Bands, the Quantum Bands pull their energy from the Quantum Zone and, as a result, include such powers as invisibility, electromagnetic energy manipulation, and the ability to link with Eon and Epoch.

Staff of One
An object of unknown origin, The Staff of One sources its power from blood magic, and is most effective in the hands of someone with knowledge of magic spells. It can launch any spell, but can only do them each once.

Twilight Sword
Also known as the Sword of Doom, Surtur created this weapon to hasten the coming of Ragnarok. It contains the power to set the entire universe on fire.

The Ultimate Nullifer
Perhaps the only object in the galaxy that makes Galactus recoil, the Nullifier’s actual power remains somewhat a mystery, though, if used properly, it seems to promise the unmaking of all reality.

The Wand of Watoomb
Six, or possibly seven, such Wands exist—and typically get linked with the word “wicked.” It can enhance, increase, and control the power of any mystical owner.

Zodiac Key
An object created in another dimension and cast of an unknown material, it can be a source of infinite energy, grant users the ability to fire psionic bolts, and might be connected to the greater balance of the entire universe. And like many artifacts of such might, at times it seems to have a mind of its own.