Published August 6, 2018

Top 10 Marvel Swordsmen

Run through a list of the most brutal blade-wielders in the Marvel Universe!

Unsheathe thy sabers, cutlasses, scimitars, rapiers, and broadswords, True Believers: time to dive into a list of the greatest swordsmen in Marvel history!

From mutant mercenaries to armed Asgardians, the pages of Marvel Comics have always been scored, scratched, and slashed by blade-wielding heroes and villains. Throughout the years, many of Marvel's most famous fighters have lived by the sword and... well, you know.

Magik, Wolverine, Sif, the villain actually named Swordsman—prepare to see how they all line up on this long list of Marvel Swordsmen!

Watch the video above, and read the razor-sharp stories that inspired this countdown on Marvel Unlimited!