Published May 17, 2019

Squirrel Girl’s Top 5 Run-Ins with Alien Beings

Doreen Green has had her fair share of close encounters -- read about some of them before her latest alien experience!

Squirrel Girl #45

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The War of the Realms is coming to Squirrel Girl! In THE UNBEATBALE SQUIRREL GIRL #45, on sale Wednesday, June 12, Doreen will have plenty on her plate. Ratatoskr, the Asgardian chaos squirrel, is causing all kinds of drama, making it that much harder for Doreen to do her thing and save basically all of North America. But even though things with Ratatoskr are a little fraught right now, Doreen is actually pretty awesome at navigating tricky situations with outer space beings. Below are a few of her most impressive alien encounters.


Cat Thor

Loki, Doreen, and Ratatoskr have a complex history. Way back in 2015’s THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL (the first one), Ratatoskr was causing mayhem on the streets of New York, and Loki (along with the Odinson) pitch in to help Doreen defeat the chaos squirrel. Loki, Doreen, and beloved Nancy Whitehead become friends, and he pops up time and again, showing how much he values their friendship, unlikely as it may be. When Nancy begins drawing cartoons of Thor as an adorable kitty, Loki can’t get enough of it, and even starts using his shape shifting abilities to mimic the drawings. Will the God of Mischief come through and help Doreen defeat Ratatoskr a second time? We’ll have to wait and see!


Squirrel Girl and Galactus

In the same series, Doreen encountered Galactus and discovered he was headed to Earth yet again with the intention of devouring the planet. (That Galactus can be a little bit of a one-trick pony.)  So she and Tippy Toe used Iron Man armor to go to the Moon to stop him. After meeting Galactus, Doreen unexpectedly befriended him and told him about a planet rich in nuts (his new favorite snack!) that would sustain him even better than Earth. So in classic Squirrel Girl form, she stopped him not with violence but with the power of friendship.


Squirrel Girl kills Thanos
GLX-MAS (2006) #1

In one of her most impressive victories, Doreen managed to defeat the Mad Titan without getting herself killed in the process like some people (cough cough, Tony Stark).  In 2005’s GLX-MAS SPECIAL, Doreen went up against the villain and basically beat him with her squirrel abilities and a little help from Tippy Toe. It happened off-panel but you get the gist… powers of a girl, powers of a squirrel, yada yada. And if defeating Thanos doesn’t prove Doreen’s skills at dealing with difficult off-worlders, seriously nothing will.


Doreen and Terrax
GLX-MAS (2006) #1

Terrax is a Birjan and the ruler of the city-state Lanlak on a planetoid called Birj, and he was Galactus’s herald for a little while. So if this were Facebook, he and Doreen would have at least one mutual friend. Because it’s just not Christmas without plenty of good old-fashioned villain butt-kicking, Terrax also went up against Doreen in the GLX-MAS SPECIAL and was promptly defeated. Uatu the Watcher was even there to witness, so you know it was a pretty exciting fight.

Doreen is going to have her hands pretty full with all the War of the Realms shenanigans headed her way. But as we’ve seen, she knows her stuff when it comes to handling menacing aliens, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll all work out in the end!

THE UNBEATBALE SQUIRREL GIRL #45, written by Ryan North with art by Derek Charm, goes on sale Wednesday, June 12. Pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop!

Squirrel Girl #45



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