Published November 27, 2019

Starting a New Mission in 'New Mutants' #2

Spoiler alert! Read through a full analysis of today's new Dawn of X mag!

Warning! This article contains spoilers for today's NEW MUTANTS #2, so read on at your own risk, True Believers!

If there’s a takeaway from the first two issues of NEW MUTANTS, it’s that Roberto da Costa’s ego is out of control. Sunspot’s never been particularly humble, and his arrogance has almost always had a playful air. That remains true in Jonathan Hickman and artist Rod Reis’ NEW MUTANTS #2—but Sunspot is playing with fire and it’s only a matter of time before Roberto gets burned...and the team along with him.

NEW MUTANTS #2 cover by Rod Reis
NEW MUTANTS #2 cover by Rod Reis

Roberto narrates the second issue, which finds the New Mutants imprisoned by the Shi’ar for their role in the Starjammers’ abortive heist. There may even be some legal problems waiting for Roberto back on Earth, especially since he admits to signing anything that his high price lawyers put in front of him. Unfortunately for Roberto, he can’t simply buy his way out of trouble this time. The team’s inept space lawyer gets them locked up for life, and Roberto’s friends briefly stop speaking with him.

Regardless of the consequences, not even getting punched in the face can damper Roberto’s spirit. But we suspect that he’s going to bite off more than he can chew if he acts on his attraction to Deathbird... We’ll get back to that momentarily.

During Hickman’s AVENGERS (2012) run, both Sunspot and Cannonball/Sam Guthrie joined the Avengers. Sam also found love with their teammate, Smasher, and he moved away from Earth to start a family with her. Much to Roberto’s disappointment, Sam’s life as a father hasn’t destroyed him. Sam even gets to save the team from imprisonment simply by showing up with his well-connected wife. Roberto doesn’t bother to hide his jealousy, even though he eventually comes around.

The broader implications of NEW MUTANTS #2 revolve around the Shi’ar Empire. Things have greatly changed since the last time we were in Shi’ar space. MR. AND MRS. X (2018) #1-6 introduced Xandra, the previously unknown child of Charles Xavier and former Shi’ar Empress, Lilandra. At the time, Rogue and Gambit had to keep Xandra in hiding in order to prevent her from becoming a pawn of the Empire’s would-be rulers.

Now, Gladiator is openly grooming Xandra for the throne so he can actively confront the threat to the Empire alongside the Imperial Guard. The precise nature of the threat isn’t clear, but Smasher does mention that the Imperial Guard is fighting the Skrulls. Things have become so dire that Gladiator has apparently made an off-panel alliance with Deathbird, Xandra’s aunt. That’s where the New Mutants come back in. They have to escort Deathbird safely to the Shi’ar homeworld so that Deathbird can take her new position as Xandra’s advisor. In other words, Deathbird is meant to teach Xandra how to act ruthlessly and decisively as the new empress.

The New Mutants are so caught up on their own cosmic adventure that they don’t realize the problems that are unfolding back on Earth. Charles Xavier is dead and Krakoa has merged with its other half. In other words, trouble awaits in the Dawn of X.

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