Published August 19, 2022

Wong Turns to Jean Grey & Black Widow for Help in 'Strange' #6 First Look

As Wong struggles to recover a missing piece of his memory in 'Strange' #6, he looks to an Avenger and one of the X-Men for help.

Someone stole a piece of Wong's memory, and he's going to need it back to stop the Blasphemy Cartel. So, in this special first look at Jed MacKay and Lee Garbett's STRANGE (2022) #6, he pays a visit to the X-Men's Jean Grey and Black Widow of Avengers fame for help jogging his memory.

In STRANGE (2022) #5, Marvel fans discovered Stephen Strange is not only alive, but serving Death as the Harvestman, her Sorcerer Supreme. However, his wife Clea and his friend Wong don't know that (yet), and so they continue to try and stop the Blasphemy Cartel their own ways – all while plotting ways to resurrect the dearly departed doctor. As a result, Wong and his ghost dog Bats are on the hunt for answers in STRANGE #6… but this particular memory may be better off forgotten.

In a special first look at STRANGE #6, Wong and Bats take a long, lonely walk down a deserted city road. One page shows his meeting with Black Widow, who observes his token before tossing it back, while another page sees Wong take a stroll with Jean Grey after she emerges from a Krakoan gate. A final page offers a fleeting glimpse at some of Wong's memories, where he trains in the martial arts and works alongside Stephen.

Witness Wong's journey in this special first look at STRANGE #6 below!

STRANGE (2022) #6 artwork by Lee Garbett

STRANGE (2022) #6
Written by JED MACKAY
On Sale 9/21

Will Wong recover this missing memory in time to defeat the Blasphemy Cartel? Find out in STRANGE #6, on sale September 21!

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Strange #6 Preview


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