Published November 7, 2019

Tales from the Backlists: Week of 11/7

Dive into the Marvel Unlimited archives with our #TBT spotlight!

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That’s why the Marvel Unlimited Editors have you covered with our favorite series, Hidden Gems and must-read arcs from our classic catalog, all available to read NOW!

This week, we’re going moony for…


MK (2014) #1

A few words to describe this series: pulpy, radical and weird. Very, very weird.

Interior A

Marc Spector is Moon Knight, a vigilante, mercenary, and the sometimes-avatar warrior of Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Spector is also plagued by DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, possibly a side effect of his communion with Khonshu. In addition to Spector and Moon Knight, there are four other personas: informant cab driver Jake Lockley, millionaire Steven Grant, Khonshu, and, introduced here for the first time, detective Mr. Knight.

Interior B
Sartorially suited we might add!

This vibrant 2014 run is the perfect intro to arguably our most complex street-level hero. Mirroring Spector’s disorienting world, it reads as one long head case of feverishly bizarre and supernatural mysteries. From gangs of punk rock ghosts, parasitic dream fungi, to Kubrick-esque hospitals from hell, your head will spin keeping up with Spector’s alters… and his barrage on New York City crime.

Interior C

Creators Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, Brian Wood, Greg Smallwood and Jordie Bellaire (to name a few), take a no holds barred approach to the comic book medium, turning the traditional format on its head…

Interior D

For example, there’s #8, a hostage situation told entirely through news broadcasts, surveillance cameras and phone screens for Moon Knight readers of the Digital Age.

Interior E

And please, don’t miss #4, AKA the “Mushroom graveyard” issue?

Interior F

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