Published June 13, 2019

The 5 Wildest Marvel Conspiracies

The truth is way out there in these Marvel conspiracies!


Given the incredible nature of the Marvel Universe, it would seem nearly impossible to hide its fantastical elements from the general public. After all, it’s pretty hard to say aliens don’t exist when SECRET INVASION happened in full view of everyone. Back in the early days of the Fantastic Four, Prince Namor used to invade New York every other month. It’s pretty tough to argue against the existence of Atlantis after that!

And yet there are some secrets within the Marvel Universe that need to be buried, because they could truly shake the foundations of everything the public has come to believe. 

Weapon Plus

Weapon Plus
NEW X-MEN (2001) #145

What if there was an organization so vast that it created Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, and several other Super Soldiers? Weapon Plus is very real, and it even spun out a second organization called Weapon X. While the motivations of Weapon Plus may have originally been pure, the modern incarnation has been obsessed with experimenting on mutants and exterminating them. Weapon X even set up concentration camps to detain and execute innocent mutants. They’re a horrifying example of humanity’s ability to harm itself.


Perhaps the biggest lingering conspiracy out there is Control. As established in 1998’s two-issue CONSPIRACY miniseries, Control is a secretive group that may have played a part in shaping the early Marvel Universe as we know it. If General Edward Harrison can be believed, everything from the creation of the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Daredevil, Spider-Man, and more can be linked back to one organization.

CONSPIRACY didn’t firmly confirm whether Control is real, so the jury is still out. But someone was willing to kill to keep that information from becoming public.

Captain America

Red, White and Black

Steve Rogers may be the best of the Super Heroes, but a shockingly high number of conspiracy theories revolve around him – and most of them are true. TRUTH: RED, WHITE, & BLACK established that the government attempted to recreate Captain America by experimenting on African-American soldiers. Only Isaiah Bradley survived to become his own incarnation of Captain America.

While Cap was frozen in the ice, the government initially tried to portray his successors as the real Captain America. However, they could only do so much when William Burnside, the Cap of the ‘50s, went crazy with paranoia. After that, the government was forced to abandon the fiction that the original Captain America was still active.

Speaking of which, do you remember the time that President Ronald Reagan became a serpent man and attacked Steve Rogers? It happened in CAPTAIN AMERICA #344. In fact, nearly everyone in Washington D.C. became serpent men. But the cover story was that it was a mass hallucination caused by drugs in the water.

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Secret Empire

Secret Empire

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #175, the leader of the Secret Empire was widely hinted to be none other than the President of the United States. Trust us, you won’t find that info at their Presidential Library! Steve Rogers was so disheartened by the reveal that he briefly gave up the mantle of Captain America.


Inferno aftermath

New Yorkers can handle invasions from aliens and Atlantis. But the demonic invasion of INFERNO forced to the people of New York to face their inner demons while the very real demons of Limbo came for their bodies and souls. Even the normally unflappable X-Men were transformed by INFERNO and shaken by the experience.

In X-FACTOR ANNUAL #4, the original X-Men came up with a plausible story for the general public. They claimed that the demon night was created by a hypno ray which was used by an unnamed Super Villain. That left New Yorkers able to sleep comfortably, although the real demons found the explanation to be quite funny.

Considering the nature of conspiracies, these five are most likely just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else will surface as the Marvel Universe continues to expand and grow!


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