Published September 5, 2018

The Complete History of the Infinity Stones: The Reality Stone

Get real with an in-depth look at the Reality Stone!

What are the Infinity Stones? Like, what are they...really?

Eons ago, the six Gems (as they were then known) were an essential part of an ancient entity called Nemesis, who chose to destroy itself rather than live as the only sentient being in the universe. From its destruction came the Stones—the six key building blocks of the universe: Mind, Reality, Power, Space, Time, and Soul.

As the INFINITY WARS are raging, we decided the time was right to break down the full history of the most powerful items in the Marvel Universe...

Following our round-up of the Soul Stone, the next jewel on our list is the Reality Stone!

The Stones have gone by different names over the course of their timeline, evolving from the Soul Gems to the Infinity Gems to the Infinity Stones, as we know them now. The Reality Stone, mighty in its influence over the very fabric of truth and existence, has the power to fulfill any wish...even if that means going against the physical laws of the universe!

Tasks, realities, concepts, visions—things that would normally be impossible to realize are made possible with the Reality Stone. And they can be done on a universal scale. In other words, aside from the power to will anything in or out of existence, it can actually retroactively create alternate realities around those changes. Just...whoa.


The Reality Stone first appeared in the pages of AVENGERS ANNUAL #7, when Thanos collected all of the Gems in an attempt to use their collective power for the first time. The Stone then featured heavily in the pages of SILVER SURFER, THANOS QUEST, and INFINITY GAUNTLET, before falling into the possession of Adam Warlock in WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH


More recently, the Reality Stone featured center stage in MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL during the build-up to INFINITY COUNTDOWN. Here, Carol Danvers was cast into a dark alternate dimension, an event which saw her battle a deadly version of Star-Lord before she was able to return to Alpha Flight and true reality.


Now, the Reality Stone has reunited with its mystical siblings in the pages of INFINITY WARS, where the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe (plus a few unlikely allies) have been tasked with the safety of the Multiverse, once more contending with the unimaginable might of the Infinity Stones.

Read up on the Infinity Stones with Marvel Unlimited now! Then check back in tomorrow for a closer look at the history of the Power Stone.