Published July 16, 2021

The Frog as Worthy as Thor

Heed the heroic history of Throg!

Look up into the stars!

Amidst the cosmos, the Guardians of the Galaxy fend off the voluminous villains that threaten all of humanity. Back home, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes right the wrongdoings of malicious malcontents from one continent to another. Even on the streets of New York City, friendly neighborhood Wallcrawlers wrangle robbers in back alleyways... Is there no place the champions of the Marvel Universe have left unwatched? What humble hero pursues even those ne'er-do-wells that claim to plug away past the pursuit of paladins?

According to the rats who frequent those Big Apple alleys, they’ll nervously twitch and say one name: “Throg!”

THOR #18 cover by Olivier Coipel
THOR #18 cover by Olivier Coipel

Featured in the freshly revealed cover for this October's THOR #18, Throg has been leaping across the mighty Marvel Universe for over three decades—and he continues to capture the hearts and minds of True Believers everywhere.

But the streets of New York and the walkways of Central Park weren’t always so safe...especially for a frog. Sure, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and all of the “big” heroes had something to do with it, but even those on high can miss some of the action taking place down below their general line of sight.

Most animals know about the great “War in Central Park” between the frogs and rats, but rumor suggests that Thor himself came down as a great frog, who then slew nearly all of the vile rats. Brave Throg—then known as Puddlegulp!—ran after the glistening green savior to warn him of the still-present rats following behind the transmuted thunderer. It was then that Puddlegulp found himself gifted with a sliver of Thor’s mighty Mjolnir. Some learned froggian scribes suggest Thor's mystical goats accidentally chipped the famed hammer, but no one could ever believe that! No, Puddlegulp was gifted the grand sliver, and with it, he became Throg! Slayer of Rats and the Fierce Fulminator of Frogdom!


Once Throg completed the mission of rodent extermination begun by Thor, he could not escape the notice of the powers of the Marvel Universe. Selected by Lockjaw to join him in a search for the infamous Infinity Gems, Throg joined other animal Avengers to scour the known universe for these much-desired artifacts. When facing monstrous foes such as Giganto, Thanos, or even reptilian residents of the Jurassic period, who else could best put down those threats than Throg and the Pet Avengers?

And what then might the mighty Throg look like while engaged against the forces of a mad titan or a pack of disease-ridden, pizza eating rats? Wielding his sliver of thunder, Frogjolnir, the Threatening Throg exhibits all the power and majesty one might expect from a thunder frog. He can project lightning like Thor…but somewhat smaller. He has strength like Thor…at a more frog-like scale. Durability, healing and endurance are all…not quite the same as Thor. But make no mistake: No villain would want to find themselves alone in the 59th Street–Columbus Circle subway station facing an amphibian assault the likes of which Throg alone could deliver!

Throg origin story

Of course, it isn’t easy being green. On quiet nights, even Throg finds himself looking into the sky and remembering life before being Throg or Puddlegulp... His name had been Simon Walterson. College football star. Loving husband and expectant father. Alas! Once a man, now a frog, poor Simon sought only to speak to his departed wife one time through the powers of a mystic, only to be cursed and turned into a frog for the simple mistake of forgetting to bring the payment with him!

But the gods giveth and they taketh away…and they giveth again. And with the gift of the mighty Frogjolnir, Throg can now “use yon hammer to protect his clan and stands e'er vigilant against any who would threaten them!” 

Throg fights a dinosaur

Together with his Pet Avenger pals and Asgardian allies, Throg has clashed with the corpses of dead gods, Nebula's never-ending schemes, the noble Nova Corps, and even joined the WAR OF THE REALMS

But no battle and no foe shall compare to those yet to be faced—and the story is on the way in writer Donny Cates and artist Pasqual Ferry's upcoming THOR #18! Listen to the thunder with Marvel Unlimited right here, and be ready for the return of Throg this fall!

Throg and Thor

Stay set to for more mischief and mirth! Pax et Justitia!


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