Published April 11, 2019

The Frog as Worthy as Thor

Witness the first appearance of the hero fighting alongside the 'Asgardians of the Galaxy' during 'War of the Realms'!

Every week we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to celebrate a major character's first appearance in the hallowed halls of the House of Ideas.

Gather 'round and hear a tale of the mighty frog who wages war all those who threaten peace and prosperity... Throg!

A faithful member of the ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, issue #8 of which ties into the cosmic battle being waged in WAR OF THE REALMS this week, Throg has a fascinating history across the mighty Marvel Multiverse.


In a tale originally told in THOR #363-366 by the master Walt Simonson, that most mischievous of gods, Loki, transmogrified his heroic half-brother Thor into a frog!

Though transmuted, Thor realized that he still possessed strength greater than the average of his new species and decided to use it for good against nefarious rats! While hopping along in the strange land known as Central Park, he met a fellow frog christened Puddlegulp. This new compatriot informed the Asgardian amphibian that he'd unwittingly entered a long-lasting conflict between frogs and rats.

Thor (1966) #363

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Upon meeting the dying King Glugwort, Thor pledged to help save the frogs of Central Park, which he did with the help of some alligators and a magic flute before flying off to regain his humanity with the help of the Mjolnir.

However, before departing, Thor spoke with Puddlegulp once more. Though he appeared a normal frog, Thor's ally revealed that he once lived as a man, but had been himself transformed by way of a vengeful fortune teller. He, however, did not feel the need to return to the world of man.

For a time, the chronicles of Puddlegulp's exploits ended there. Oh, yes, he appeared from time to time, but once again came to the fore in a tome known as LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS. Therein, he revealed to the loyal Inhuman canine Lockjaw that he once lived as Simon Walterson. After injury ousted him from his calling as a football player and cruel fate took his wife, he sought comfort in dark magic... He didn't find any though, only more heartache and then a curse, which turned him into a frog.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers (2009) #1

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Upon battling alongside Thor, Puddlegulp felt the fire of battle grow as the rats returned. In his travels he discovered a sliver of Mjolnir, hoisted it and became Throg defender of Central Park! Upon meeting Lockjaw, he flew off to help his soon-to-be-fellow Pet Avengers separate the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos' heinous fist.

Throg returned to his home after that adventure, but soon found himself thrust back into the field of battle, having been recruited by the mighty Angela! Now a member of the Asgardians of the Galaxy, Throg continually proves his mettle, even though he's the smallest of the group. The power of the lighting flows through him, but more importantly, through the enemies he bests!

Asgardians of the Galaxy (2018) #1

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Together, these valiant heroes have clashed with the corpses of dead gods, Nebula's never-ending schemes and even the noble Nova Corps, but none of that can compare to their entrance into the WAR OF THE REALMS with this week's ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #8 by Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli!

Read ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #8 and WAR OF THE REALMS #1 at your local comic shop now!



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