Published September 28, 2017

The History of Spider-Man: 1982

Spidey takes on Black Cat, Juggernaut, and Foolkiller, while Cloak and Dagger make their debut.

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For over 50 years, Spider-Man has been a sensational standout in the Marvel Universe, and this year, the web-slinger swings onto the silver screen once more in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”! In celebration of his memorable history, we present Spidey’s spectacular step-by-step story!

The high-flying Vulture came out of retirement to terrorize a nursing home in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #224, but our heroic wallcrawler found more to worry about when the Foolkiller stood revealed as a college friend of Peter Parker’s in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #225.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #225

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Spidey subsequently teamed with Quasar to punch out Lightmaster’s lights in MARVEL TEAM-UP #113, the Falcon to rock Stone-Face’s world in MARVEL TEAM-UP #114, with Thor to turn Mind-Bender upside down in MARVEL TEAM-UP #115, and finally with Valkyrie to put the final nail in Mind-Bender’s career coffin in MARVEL TEAM-UP #116.

Goldbug became a hot commodity in PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #62, the Molten Man made a warm welcome for a returning Liz Allen and Harry Osborn in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #63, and the new teen super-stars Cloak and Dagger made their debuts in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #64.

Things heated up between Spidey and the Black Cat in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #226, but when the female fury wanted her Spider to become a their like her, the young hero laid down the law in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #227. A weird mystery involving actual spiders in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #228 seemed tame in comparison.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #226

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Wolverine helped the webslinger shut down Professor Power in MARVEL TEAM-UP #117, but it took the intervention of Professor X in MARVEL TEAM-UP #118 to really turn Power’s juice off. After a bungle in the jungle with Kraven and Calypso in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #65, Spidey got a shock from Electro in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #66, and brought the curtain down on Boomerang’s audition for the Kingpin in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #67.

The mysterious Madame Web requested help from our hero in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #229, but he discovered in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #230 it involved stopping the usually unstoppable Juggernaut. Following a garish g-round with Gargoyle in MARVEL TEAM-UP #119, the wallcrawler turned the page on Turner D. Century with Dominic Fortune in MARVEL TEAM-UP #120, and took the spring out of the Speed Demon’s step with some help from the Human Torch and the Leap Frog in MARVEL TEAM-UP #121.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #229

What is Marvel Unlimited?

After mucking up the Robot-Master’s machinations in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #68, Spidey reunited with Cloak and Dagger in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #69 to try and hold off the advance of a newly cybernetic Silvermane in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #70. Cobra crawled into the webslinger’s life in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #231, and accepted aid from the hero when Mr. Hyde wanted his revenge upon the slippery snake in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #232.

The Tarantula spun a new web to trap Spidey in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #233, but the Will O’ the Wisp complicated matters in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #234, which led to both their defeats in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #235. Later, the Man-Thing muddied the waters in MARVEL TEAM-UP #122, Solarr blazed as a hot as the sun in MARVEL TEAM-UP #123, and Professor Power practiced his power of repetitiveness in MARVEL TEAM-UP #124.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #235

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Some weapon-smugglers came gunning for Spidey in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #71, but the webslinger really threw up his arms at a new Doctor Octopus in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #72, and made eyes at the Owl in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #73.



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