Published September 19, 2019

The Hulk Has Successfully Raided Area 51

He's done it before. He could do it again.

Any chance you're looking to invade Area 51? Maybe? Yes? Yes, but you are legally unable to confirm that it's a yes?

Well you're in luck, because in 2000's HULK #21, the hero's grey alter-ego, Joe Fixit, went on a mission to do exactly that.

Hulk (1999) #21

Here's a step-by-step guide on how he did it.

Step 1: Scope out the exterior.

Hulk (1999) #21

No matter how camouflaged or heavily guarded it is.

Step 2: Assume it'll be easy to get in.

Hulk (1999) #21

Step 3: Start running.

Hulk (1999) #21

Step 4: Learn that it's definitely not easy to get in.

Hulk (1999) #21

Step 5: Refuse to care.

Hulk (1999) #21

Step 6: Meet an alien.

Hulk (1999) #21

Step 7: Have fun.

Hulk (1999) #21

Hulk (1999) #21

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Now, that visit to Area 51 took place almost 20 years ago, so you'd probably be right in assuming that the tactics for storming the place have evolved since then. Which is fine, because the Hulk also invaded Area 51 last month. No, really.

In IMMORTAL HULK #22, Bruce Banner and his team of teammates made a plan to secretly infiltrate Area 51. (Fun.) They did it to find a being that killed their friend, Doc Langkowski. (Not fun.) Doc Langkowski's alter-ego is Sasquatch, by the way. (Sometimes fun.)

Their plan didn't really work, though. So the Hulk (who is immortal now) ignored their careful tactics and did things his own way:



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