Published May 20, 2019

This Week in Marvel's Ann Nocenti Reading Guide

Daredevil, Typhoid Mary, Longshot and more -- come inside for some of the best of Ann Nocenti!

Marvel's 80th Anniversary
TWIM Ann Nocenti

If you loved last week’s episode of This Week in Marvel featuring veteran Marvel creator Ann Nocenti, you’ll probably want to read some of Nocenti’s best offerings! Look no further, Marvelites – below is a handy guide to just a few of Ann Nocenti’s career highlights that are all available on Marvel Unlimited.

Longshot Limited Series (1985)

LET’S GET WEIRD! Influential to writers and artists alike, Nocenti teamed with the brilliant artistic team of Arthur Adams and Whilce Portacio to deliver a very of-the-time, yet wonderfully odd and timeless story that introduced the world to Longshot, Mojo, Spiral, and more.


Longshot (1985) #1

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Daredevil #254

The first appearance of Typhoid Mary by Nocenti, John Romita Jr., and crew. She explodes into the book with a big, bold, dynamic opening splash page with Nocenti’s captions talking about poison. It’s creepy and cool and effectively sets up how off-kilter and dangerous she’ll be. Typhoid Mary’s initial story runs through issue #261, a roller coaster story of heartbreak and intense action, identity and agency.


Daredevil (1964) #254

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Daredevil #270

As with their introduction of Typhoid Mary, Nocenti and Romita brought Blackheart to life in his first appearance with a stunning introductory splash page. But Blackheart, son of the devil, is pure evil, colored in shades of black and blue, with Nocenti’s vivid descriptions of his smell, muscles, eyes hammering home the horror.


Daredevil (1964) #270

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Daredevil #275-276

Daredevil vs Ultron! While that seems like a major mismatch, DD has some help from the Inhumans in these “Acts of Vengeance” tie-in issues. Another Nocenti/Romita joint, the story gives us a version of Ultron that’s broken and confused, terrifying and terrified.


Daredevil (1964) #275

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Beauty and the Beast limited series (1984)

Nocenti teamed with artist Don Perlin and brilliant cover artist Bill Sienkiewicz for a story of love, loss, romance, pop music, self-doubt, and so much more featuring Dazzler and Beast!


Beauty and the Beast (1985) #1

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