Published July 5, 2018

Top 10 Captain America Costumes

Celebrate the Sentinel of Liberty with the latest Marvel countdown!

Happy July 4th to all of Mighty Marveldom!

In honor of this week's holiday—and Wednesday's highly anticipated release of CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Francis Yu—we decided to look back at the greatest red, white, and blue uniforms from over 75 years of Cap history.

Whether worn by Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, or Sam Wilson, the Star-Spangled costume has always stood as a beacon of resilience, hope, and freedom across the Marvel Universe. And like the suit, Captain America's shield—used in combat against Earthly and cosmic villains alike—has become an icon in and of itself.

So revisit the most legendary looks, from Cap's Marvel Knights days to his journey as Nomad, in this comprehensive countdown of the Top 10 Captain America Costumes in history!

And read CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, by writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Leinil Francis Yu, on July 4!