Published April 26, 2023

Russell Dauterman's 'Ultimate Invasion #1' Cover Rekindles the Spark Between Ultimate Jean Grey and Wolverine

Check out an all-new cover for Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch's revolutionary 'Ultimate Invasion' series, kicking off on June 21.

Could the Ultimate Universe be returning? That’s the question on every fan’s mind as they gear up for this summer’s blockbuster comic series, ULTIMATE INVASION!

Crafted by two of the comic book industry’s most innovative and exciting creators, writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Bryan Hitch, ULTIMATE INVASION will present the bold next chapter for the Ultimate Universe and beyond. The four-issue saga begins when the Maker, who has been living on Earth-616 since the destruction of the Ultimate Universe, hatches a plan to destroy—or perhaps rebuild—this universe, and the Illuminati must reunite to stop him at all costs! 

To celebrate this potential return to the groundbreaking characters and stories of the Ultimate line, X-Men superstar Russell Dauterman has drawn a stunning variant cover spotlighting the Ultimate versions of Jean Grey and Wolverine! The cover depicts the fiery pair taking a breather after destroying a Sentinel before getting ready for their inevitable next battle for mutantkind.

ULTIMATE INVASION #1 variant cover by Russell Dauterman

Art and Cover by BRYAN HITCH
Variant Cover by SARA PICHELLI
On Sale 6/21

Check out the cover now and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more ULTIMATE INVASION news. For a special sneak peek at the issue, pick up FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023: SPIDER-MAN/VENOM #1 at your local comic shop on May 6!

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