Published January 19, 2024

'Ultimate Spider-Man' #2 First Look Pits Peter Parker Against His First Super Villain

Check out a preview of Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto's 'Ultimate Spider-Man' #2, including a first look at Ultimate Shocker!

Last week’s ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 was the most talked about launch in recent Marvel Comics history! Hailed as "a fully realized and fresh take" and "one of the most eagerly awaited new comics of 2024," the issue’s introduction of the Parker family—including a very much alive Uncle Ben—has shown fans just how extraordinarily different Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s vision for Spider-Man storytelling will be.

Today, get a sneak peek at the excitement that lies ahead in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2, on sale February 21! Marvel’s new Ultimate Universe was shaped by the evil Reed Richards variant known as the Maker. Travelling back in time on a parallel Earth, the Maker prevented young Peter Parker from ever being bit by that fateful radioactive spider. Now, 20 years later, the Universe’s own Tony Stark has given Peter the chance to reclaim the heroic destiny that was stolen from him!

Taking on great responsibility as Spider-Man, an adult Peter web-swings into the New York skies for the first time, ready to use his newfound abilities to help fix the world in any way he can, all while balancing his new role with being a devoted husband and loving father. Taking place a month into Peter’s burgeoning super hero career, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2 will see Peter’s first super powered brawl—an electrifying battle with the Shocker! 

Peter won’t be the only Parker embarking on new adventures and taking down super villains. Peter’s beloved uncle Ben is an award-winning journalist, and alongside his trusted partner J. Jonah Jameson, he’ll pursue the truth of their corrupt world and the unrest that’s stirring around every corner—starting with discovering the identity and motives of the newly emerged Green Goblin! Get a glimpse at all this and more in today’s all-new preview. 

"My love for this character is no secret to anyone," Checchetto shared. "As soon as I received Jonathan Hickman’s plot of the series, I was immediately fascinated with how he managed to create something truly fresh and new, while keeping the spirit and essence of the web-slinger intact. I really loved the dialogue and got chills drawing these scenes. We have the opportunity and privilege to create our version of Spider-Man, and for me, to create the entire design of the series."

"Throughout our run, expect changes and both classic and new versions of characters," he continued. "One of the first you’ll meet is Shocker. He’s at the beginning of his career, so I wanted to create something different. Shocker wears a bomb squad suit to protect himself from the powers of his gloves, but still maintains some details of his classic costume. I had a lot of fun, and I believe it helps convey that we are at the dawn of a new storytelling universe. I would also like to talk about the origin of the Green Goblin's design, but I think it's more exciting to let you discover it by reading the fantastic story created by Jonathan!"

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (2024) #2 interior artwork by Marco Checchetto

Variant Cover by DIKE RUAN
Virgin Variant Cover by DIKE RUAN
Connecting Variant Cover by MARK BAGLEY
On Sale 2/21

Check out all-new interior artwork, variant covers, and Checchetto’s original design sheets now and preorder ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2 today! If you missed ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1, ask your local comic shop about snagging the upcoming second printing, available on February 14—exactly one week before issue two arrives!

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Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Preview
ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (2024) #2 cover by Marco Checchetto


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