Published April 11, 2017

Wonder Man's 5 Greatest Returns

A record on the various returns of Simon Williams.

Wonder Man

Simon Williams is the super hero who’s rebounded from death’s door almost more than any other, and he always returns when he’s needed the most…most times. Below, we take a look back at some of his most memorable returns.

AVENGERS (1963) #102

One of the first times Simon comes back, he’s admittedly still a corpse, but figures soundly into his brother the Grim Reaper’s plots against the Avengers. Wonder Man’s sacrifice of his life to save the team from Baron Zemo weighed heavily on them, and they knew they must find a solution to his death-like comatose state…


Avengers (1963) #102

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AVENGERS (1963) #131

Time despot Kang the Conqueror revived Simon briefly to force him to attack the Avengers as part of the Legion of the Unliving alongside Zemo, the original Human Torch, the Frankenstein Monster, and others. This Wonder Man appears to be plucked from the timestream at a moment before his first “death.”

Avengers (1963) #131

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AVENGERS (1963) #152

Used once more a pawn to destroy the team, this time by the voodoo master called the Black Talon, Wonder Man suffered the indignities of a zombie as well as the Grim Reaper’s foul attentions, but ultimately earned his second chance at real life. He also earned Avengers membership and became one of their strongest players for years to come.

Avengers (1963) #152

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AVENGERS (1998) #3

After fighting evil with the Avengers and the West Coast Avengers, Simon migrated to a group called Force Works, where he once again lost his life. When Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assembled to fight the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, The Scarlet Witch inadvertently called his spirit to help her, a momentous occasion that led to his full return, albeit as a being composed of pure ionic energy.

Avengers (1998) #3

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AVENGERS (2010) #31

Following a time where Wonder Man opposed the Avengers due to a fluctuation in his mental stability, Simon reappeared to Captain America to plead for understanding. Cap acknowledged that “once an Avenger, always an Avenger,” and his old teammate vowed to earn his way back to full good standing with the team that saved him from a life of crime.

Avengers (2010) #31

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