Published December 2, 2022

'Wasp' #1 First Look Pits Janet & Nadia Against a Classic Super Villain

A special first look a 'Wasp' #1 by Al Ewing and Kasia Nie revisits Janet Van Dyne's legacy and propels her into a battle against Whirlwind.

2023 marks 60 years since Janet Van Dyne's explosive debut as the Wasp, and Marvel is celebrating with an all-new series by writer Al Ewing and artist Kasia Nie!

In WASP (2023) #1, Janet will set out to change up her role in the Avengers, the very team she helped found. However, just as she's about to get started, a villain from her past returns – and they may threaten everything she has worked for. To overcome this villain and the dangerous new organization behind them, Janet will team up with her protégé Nadia Van Dyne, only to discover a shocking connection to both their histories.

A special first look at WASP (2023) #1 flashes back to the moment Janet and Hank Pym discovered her father's dead body. In another page, she makes a hasty retreat from an upscale bar when she gets a red alert. A double-page spread shows Janet recalling her earliest days as a Super Hero during a meeting with Nadia, before another couple of pages sends them into action against her old nemesis Whirlwind.

See Janet and Nadia team up against Whirlwind in a special first look at WASP #1 below!

WASP (2023) #1 interior artwork by Kasia Nie

WASP #1 (OF 4)
Written by AL EWING
On Sale 1/18

Who sent Whiplash, and what do they want from these Wasps? Find out in WASP #1, on sale January 18!

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