Published January 20, 2024

The Children of the Avengers

As 'Avengers: Twilight' introduces the son of Iron Man and the Wasp, reacquaint yourself with the children of the Avengers, from the Marvel Universe and beyond.

The Avengers may be Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but they're also a family forged by their adventures. Several members of the Avengers have even coupled off and had children together in the Marvel Universe or one of the many other worlds in the Multiverse. While some of these kids have embraced their destiny to become the next generation of heroes, the children of other Avengers sit in sharp contrast to their parents' heroic legacy. For instance, in the dark future of AVENGERS: TWILIGHT, the son of two Avengers icons stands against one of his parents' closest allies.  

Now, let's take a closer look at some of the Avengers' children from across the Marvel Multiverse. For this list, we'll focus largely on children with two parents who have been Avengers in the Marvel Universe, including the one who debuts in AVENGERS: TWILIGHT (2024) #1 by Chip Zdarsky, Daniel Acuña, and VC's Cory Petit


Although Jessica Jones' time as a costumed hero didn't end well, she and Luke Cage both became members and leaders of the New Avengers. While working with the team, Jones gave birth to a daughter, Danielle Cage, in PULSE (2004) #13 by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. Named after Cage's best friend Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Dani's early childhood took place under the watchful eye of her parents and their Avengers allies. 

Across the Multiverse, Cage seems destined to follow in her parents' heroic footsteps. For instance, in the world of OLD MAN LOGAN, Dani becomes a wielder of Mjolnir. In multiple other timelines, such as the one featured in AVENGERS: ULTRON FOREVER (2015) #1 by Al Ewing and Alan Davis, she grows up to be the super-strong Captain America of the future. 


In their current forms, Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) and Speed (Tommy Shepherd) aren't technically the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision. However, they've embraced their complex connection to this iconic Avengers couple. 

Using her magic and reality-warping powers, Wanda Maximoff used pieces of Mephisto's spirit to create two babies, Billy and Tommy, in VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH (1985) #12 by Steve Englehart and Richard Howell. Although Mephisto reabsorbed the twins, they were eventually reborn as the magic-wielding reality-warper Wiccan and super-fast Speed, who both joined the Young Avengers and established themselves as heroes in their own right. 

In the time since both twins accepted Wanda as their spiritual mother, Speed has dated the X-Men's Prodigy, while Wiccan married Hulkling, the Emperor of the Kree-Skrull Alliance.


Since their debuts, Black Widow and Hawkeye have enjoyed a close bond that's evolved into a romantic relationship on occasion. In one alternate reality future, these two Avengers had a daughter, Katie Barton, who debuted in CAPTAIN MARVEL: THE END (2020) #1 by Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero

In a world rendered almost uninhabitable by invasions, nuclear fallout, and a dying sun, Katie was born in an underground encampment beneath New York City, where she became an expert archer and sharpshooter like her father. After her world's Captain Marvel restarted the sun, Katie encountered the main Marvel Universe's Captain Marvel. With help from Captain Marvel, Katie and the rest of this world's surviving heroes faced Ove, the villainous son of Namor and Enchantress, and settled in New Atlantis.


In SECRET WARS (1984), the Marvel Universe's heroes traveled to Battleworld for a brief time—but in the alternate reality of WHAT IF? (1989) #114 by Jay Faerber and Gregg Schigiel, those heroes never made it home. There, these stranded heroes and villains coupled off and had children who carried on their parents' legacies. 

Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Rogue had a daughter called Crusader, and Hawkeye and She-Hulk had a son named Mustang. Human Torch and Wasp had a son called Firefly, while Wolverine and Storm had a daughter called Torrent. Thor and the Enchantress had a son called Bravado, who assembled the young heroes into a team to battle his half-brother, Malefactor, who was also Doctor Doom's son.


Shortly after Captain America and Sharon Carter led the Secret Avengers together, these heroes became the adoptive parents of Ian Rogers, who debuted in CAPTAIN AMERICA (2012) #1 by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. After Captain America found Ian, the Avenger raised him for a decade as he fought the forces of Arnim Zola, the boy's biological father. 

When Captain America escaped Dimension Z, Sharon fell into that harsh world, where she took Ian under her wing. Using Captain America's shield, Ian began operating as Nomad and eventually became partners with Captain America (Sam Wilson)

After working on a long-term secret mission with Bucky Barnes, Ian resurfaced and reconnected with Wilson in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH (2022) #7 by Tochi Onyebuchi and Ig Guara. He subsequently reunited with his parents.


In the MC2 Universe, Spider-Girl (May "Mayday" Parker) carried on her father's web-slinging legacy and led a new generation of heroes and villains in an alternate reality future. Inspired by the Avengers, several young heroes came together to form A-Next. 

However, the children of Ant-Man (Hank Pym) and the Wasp—Hope Pym and Henry Pym Jr.—were not happy about this. Feeling that these young heroes were disrespecting their late parents' memory, Red Queen and her brother joined forces with a few other villains to become the Revengers in A-NEXT (1998) #12 by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz

After Hope captured and tortured the young heroes, Big Man betrayed his sister and stopped her from blowing up Avengers Mansion. While Big Man began working for a government-sponsored super-team, Red Queen persisted as one of her world's most prominent villains.


After the element-manipulating Inhuman Crystal saved Quicksilver from a brutal Sentinel attack, this unlikely couple married and had a child named Luna in FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #240 by John Byrne. Luna grew up under the watchful eye of the Inhuman Royal Family, as well as the Avengers. 

Eventually, her parents' tumultuous marriage ended in a separation and annulment. In the wake of this, Quicksilver exposed Luna to the Terrigen Mist, leading her to develop empathic and telepathic abilities. With Crystal, Luna took her place as part of the Inhuman Royal Family. 

Still, she had a tense confrontation with her father about his villainous actions in the wake of HOUSE OF M. After making peace with Quicksilver and surviving a brutal Kree attack, Crystal and Luna moved to a secret location with their surviving Inhuman family members.


Shortly after members of the X-Men and Avengers came together to form the Avengers Unity Division, Havok and the Wasp started dating. In one alternate reality, these heroes went on to have a daughter, Katie Summers, who debuted in UNCANNY AVENGERS (2013) #18 by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuña

In this timeline, the Apocalypse Twins—the children of Archangel who were raised by Kang the Conqueror—manipulated a Celestial, Exitar the Executioner, into destroying the Earth. However, the Scarlet Witch saved the world's mutants and brought them to a new world. 

On Planet X, Katie was born into a flourishing mutant society. Although Katie and her timeline were erased when Kang and the Avengers prevented Exitar from destroying the world, her memory continued to haunt both Havok and Wasp in the Marvel Universe.


Across multiple alternate realities, several future children of the Avengers came together to form a group called the Next Avengers. In all of its incarnations, this team includes James Rogers, the son of Captain America and Black Widow; Azari T'Challa, the son of Storm and Black Panther; Francis Barton, the son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird; Henry Pym Jr., the son of Ant-Man and the Wasp; and Torunn, the daughter of Thor and Sif

These young heroes made their initial comic book debut in AVENGERS (2010) #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. After growing up in a world ruled by Ultron, the Next Avengers killed their timeline's Immortus and helped the present-day Avengers stop A.I.M. from smuggling weapons from the future into the past.


Before he became involved with the Wasp, Hank Pym was married to Maria Trovaya, who was kidnapped during their honeymoon and eventually killed. Unaware of her fate, Pym moved on with his life, while Maria gave birth to their daughter Nadia, who grew up in the Red Room. 

After escaping her captors, Nadia traveled to America in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2016 CIVIL WAR II (2016) #1 by Mark Waid and Alan Davis, where she learned her father had seemingly died to stop Ultron. With the help of long-time Avengers ally Edwin Jarvis, Nadia began operating as the Wasp and met Janet Van Dyne, who embraced her role as Nadia's stepmother. Nadia and Janet grew close enough that Nadia legally changed her name to Nadia Van Dyne.


Although both have been Avengers, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman spend most of their time with the Fantastic Four, where they've brought two kids, Franklin and Valeria, into Marvel's First Family. Since his birth in FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL (1963) #6 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Franklin developed a vast array of reality-warping, telepathic, and matter-manipulating powers. 

Following a complex birth, Valeria arrived in FANTASTIC FOUR (1998) #54 by Rafael Marin, Carlos Pacheco, Karl Kesel, and Mark Bagley. Franklin and Valeria, who inherited her father's super-intelligence, even helped rebuild the Multiverse after SECRET WARS (2015), which led Franklin to exhaust most of his powers. 


In the world of AVENGERS: TWILIGHT, the Heroic Age ended when Ultron leveled the city of Boston in a devastating attack. As the legacy of the Avengers and their allies became lost in the neon dystopia that followed, James Stark—the son of Iron Man and the Wasp—emerged as one of the harshest critics of his parents' former team. 

While James is unwilling to suit up as Iron Man, he has provided the authoritarian government with Iron Man-esque armor technology to wage war against Latveria and maintain domestic order. Although the young Stark still draws on the remains of his father's brain for inspiration as the CEO of Stark Technology, he was quick to debate an aging Captain America on a live broadcast, where he condemned his parents' legacy.

Meet James Stark in AVENGERS: TWILIGHT #1, on sale now!

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