Published October 5, 2018

Go Behind The Scenes of SPIDER-GEDDON!

Marvel's massive Spidey event is here, along with a ton of other exciting Spider-Man-related titles and storylines!

New York Comic Con 2018 has revealed plenty of spectacular news since kicking off yesterday, but one big Marvel event is getting fans of a certain wall-crawler even more excited! Spider-Geddon, Marvel's upcoming comic event, released a brand new trailer in honor of the launch! You can watch the trailer above to hear more about SPIDER-GEDDON #1, which goes on sale Wednesday, October 10, and hear from writer Christos Gage, Executive Editor Nick Lowe, and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski! 

“Earth is the battleground,” says Cebulski. “Marvel is the world outside your window, and every Spider-Man character and Spider-Man villain has come to play.”

“Pretty much anyone you saw in Spider-Verse who survived will probably be back… and there’s one in particular who I didn’t get to write last time around who I’m very excited to this time,” adds Gage.

Don’t miss SPIDER-GEDDON #1, on sale October 10 online and at your local comic shop!

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other big Spider-centric stories both directly connected to SPIDER-GEDDON and branching off of it in the months to come. 

Plenty was teased during the Spider-Man panel at New York Comic Con today where the SPIDER-GEDDON trailer was shown and the new FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN title was announced, including AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8-10, which will be a storyline called “Heist” that writer Nick Spencer said is a “Big arc about the relationship between Spidey and the Black Cat” in a story that involves some very notable items going missing, including Captain America shield, Thor’s hammer, and Iron Man’s armor – and Spencer replied, to an incredulous audience member, yes, he said Thor’s hammer, and yes there would be an explanation for that! The e storyline will also follow Mary Jane and how she’s processing being back together with Peter. MJ will “run into a familiar face and go on a little adventure of her own.” 

Writer Seanan McGuire said the new SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER title will involve the fact that during SPIDER-GEDDON, “Gwen is kind of taken off the board for awhile.” In the series, she’ll be “Dealing with trying to get her back to her friends before everybody gets squashed.” As for who she might be facing, McGuire joked about “A lot of exploding seasonal fruits,” noting that as with many stories about other realities, they’d meet, “People who both are and are not the ones we know. McGuire promised, ““She’s going to have do dodge a lot of pumpkin bombs!” 

Spider-Man assistant editor Kathleen Wisneski spoke about the upcoming SPIDER-GIRLS, which she is editing, which finds May “Mayday” Parker, Anya Corazon, and Annie May Parker teaming up on “A magical quest to find an alternate way to defeat the Inheritors [from SPIDER-GEDDON].” 

PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN in the meantime will begin a story arc in #311 in which we’ll see that “Morlun still has a very big chip on his shoulder for the Peter Parker of the Marvel Universe.” 

Priest spoke about his upcoming SPIDER-FORCE, in which, “Kaine Parker assembles a strike team to go on a suicide mission. Kaine, the Scarlet Spider, will team with Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, and Ashley Barton from OLD MAN LOGAN, along with Priest’s new creations Astro Spider and Spider-Kid. While Priest didn’t want to spoil too much of SPIDER-GEDDON and this specifics of this group’s mission, he said “They may or may not succeed or fail” and added, “Don’t take anything for granted with this one.” 

THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN in the meantime will find Otto Octavius battling everyone from Stilt-Man and Terrax on the streets of San Francisco. 

Nick Lowe was very excited by the two-issue VAULT OF SPIDERS, which will feature some notably unusual Spider-characters like the Japanese TV show-based Spider-Man and "Spider-Ma’am" - the latter from a reality where Aunt May is the one who gains powers! 

As for the upcoming MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN title, writer Saladin Ahmed noted the title will find Miles back in Brooklyn, beginning a new semester of high school. Said Ahmed, “We’re taking him back deep into high school,” noting that when it comes to a teenage super hero, “We don’t always pay full attention to how hard that is to balance all these things.” In the series, Miles is “Keeping a journal that he may be revealing more secrets than he ought to,” while one story, “Miles Morales’ Day Off” finds Miles trying to thwart a nefarious assistant principal. Ahmed said his intention was to bring Miles, “Back to basics, but having learned lessons over the past few years..”