Published April 1, 2023

C2E2 2023: 'Web of Carnage' Gives Carnage a Deadly New Purpose

Announced at C2E2, Carnage seeks ascension to the throne of the King in Black in 'Web of Carnage' by Ram V, Francesco Manna, and more.

Announced today at C2E2Carnage seeks to inherit the Earth in WEB OF CARNAGE, a new series by Ram V, Francesco Manna, and more. 

In the aftermath of CARNAGE REIGNS, where Cletus Kasady exacted his vengeance on Miles Morales and the Marvel Universe, the Carnage symbiote remains left to its own devices, adrift among the stars. With its purpose renewed, Carnage has scant few hurdles between it and a glorious ascension to the throne of the King in Black…and the first is named Morlun.

WEB OF CARNAGE #1 cover by Kendrick "kunkka" Lim

Written by RAM V & MORE
On Sale 7/12

Check out the cover now and stay tuned for more SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES news!

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