Published September 27, 2019

Who Are the Marauders?

Prepare for the Dawn of X and October 23's 'Marauders' #1 with this team primer!

The X-Men have never truly known peace. Ever since their 1960s debut, the ever-growing team has attempted to not only keep innocents safe, but to also show humanity the compassion of mutants.

Lately, mutant mastermind Jonathan Hickman has been paving a new road for the mutants to travel down in HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X. And next month, the Dawn of X begins with six new series, including MARAUDERS by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli!

MARAUDERS #1 cover by Russell Dauterman
MARAUDERS #1 cover by Russell Dauterman

With backing from Emma Frost, the new Marauders—Storm, Iceman, Pyro, Bishop, and Captain Kitty Pryde—sail the seas and protect their people. As the new crew readies to head seaward, we're calling them forward for inspection!



One of the most well-respected members of the hero community, Ororo Munroe uses her weather manipulation powers to do everything from defeat Super Villains to quench thirsty villages.

During her years as a member of the X-Men, she's grown close to just about every member of her team in a variety of ways, and she also brings an air of legitimacy and strength to the group. As a super powerful mutant, she also boasts the might and experience to take out just about anyone who might opposed the Marauders, wherever those threats might come from.

Emma Frost

emma frost

After the death of Scott Summers, Emma Frost went off the deep end for a bit. She later refocused her efforts on taking down the Hellfire Club, but recently began working with them as the new Black King. And now, using her considerable connections and influence, she's using the Hellfire Trading Company to fund this new team. Frost has used her psychic powers and diamond form to aid the X-Men many times before, but now she's a part of a team that, likely, will never fully trust her...

Kitty Pryde


The day that Kitty first met the X-Men, Emma Frost captured several members of the team. And while Pryde's worked with the one time White Queen in the past, she keeps that memory in the back of her mind.

Having spent most of her adult life with the X-Men, Kitty's evolved from the new kid on the block to one of the group's most well-respected leaders. She's even saved the world more than a few times using her phasing powers, which makes her a perfect candidate to captain the Marauders.



Bobby Drake's ability to control and manipulate ice, frost, and snow called the attention of Professor X when he put together the very first X-Men group. Since then, he's remained an integral part of the group and gained astonishing control over his powers, thanks (in part) to working with Storm and Emma Frost at different times. And given Bobby's enormously powerful personal journey over the past several years, he's more committed than ever to defending the oppressed.



These days, Bishop's relationship with the X-Men could easily be qualified as complicated.

He originally came back from his future to attack the team, but then became a member in good standing. However, during the Messiah CompleX story, he tried killing Hope—the only mutant birth in a while and even hunted her and Cable across time. After spending some time in another era, Bishop's been trying to make up for his past misdeeds by using his vast knowledge and energy manipulation powers to help the cause.



Since his first appearance in the legendary UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #141, St. John Allerdyce has run the gamut of mutant experiences—from heroism to villainy, from life to death (and back). Armed with the ability to psionically manipulate fire, Pyro has reemerged to join the Marauders, now the perfect candidate to join their ragtag ranks of mutants (with often checkered pasts) in their dark, dangerous, and mercurial missions on the high seas...

Pre-order MARAUDERS #1 at your local comic shop today, then pick it up on October 23!


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