Published July 18, 2022

'X-Force' #30 First Look Catches the Attention of Kraven the Hunter

In a special preview of 'X-Force' #30, Kraven the Hunter's latest hunt puts him in the team's path during an arctic mission.

X-Force is about to get an unexpected (and unwanted) visitor. In a special first-look preview of X-FORCE #30 by Benjamin PercyRobert Gill, and GURU-eFXKraven the Hunter's latest hunt puts him in the path of the team during an arctic mission, and they may not be prepared for the consequences.

X-FORCE #30 will kick off a new era of X-Force, with Deadpool making his grand return. They'll be plenty busy, too, considering that Krakoa's biggest secret⁠—mutantkind's newfound immortality⁠—has leaked to the press. (Interested in learning more? Check out HELLFIRE GALA (2022) #1!) To make matters worse, Kraven has turned his sights on the mutant nation, and who knows what his machinations may bring?

In a first look at the issue, Wolverine marches right up to Krakoa, and it looks like he's got some bones to pick with the sentient island. After pointing an accusatory finger, he extends his claws and prepares to charge. Another page shows Kraven stalking his prey through the arctic, while Deadpool and Omega Red do the same...albeit with very different results.

Finally, a special look ahead to X-FORCE #32 offers an ominous glance at the future of Kraven's mission, as he waltzes right into the heart of Krakoa, where The Five resurrect dead mutants.

Follow Kraven's collision course with X-Force in a special first look at X-FORCE #30 below!

X-FORCE #30 artwork by Robert Gil and GURU-eFX

X-FORCE (2019) #30
Colors by GURU-eFX
On Sale 8/17

Find out what Kraven wants with Krakoa in X-FORCE #30, on sale August 17th!

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X-Force #30 Preview


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