Published April 14, 2023

‘X-Force' #40 Preview Assembles a New Team

Get your first look at Colossus and Wolverine’s debut in ‘X-Force’ #40, out next month.

A new team takes center stage in X-FORCE #40

Since the inception of the Krakoan Era, X-FORCE has thrilled readers with stories about mutantkind’s most secretive operations. With X-FORCE #39 slated to release next week, get a glimpse at what’s in store for the titular team.  

X-FORCE #40 will be the first chapter of a new arc titled “The Ghost Calendars,” which promises to pit the team against a remnant of their past. After years of shady tactics and immoral decisions, X-Force is in for a shakeup. With new leadership on the horizon, Krakoa’s black ops division is joined by two new members: Laura Kinney, AKA Wolverine, and Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus.

X-FORCE #40 promises to be a new beginning for the series, both on the page and behind the scenes. This issue also marks the debut of artist Paul Davidson on X-FORCE as he joins writer Benjamin Percy.  

In the preview pages below, new team members Wolverine and Colossus kick off their first X-Force mission together with a fastball special! On one page, Wolverine and Domino struggle against a giant blue beast, while on another, this monster threatens to crush Omega Red.

Catch your first sneak peek at all the action in X-FORCE #40 below! 

X-Force #14 art by Paul Davidson

On Sale 5/17

Be sure to grab both X-FORCE #39 next week and X-FORCE #40 on May 17. Stay tuned for more X-Men news in the coming weeks! 

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