Published June 2, 2023

‘X-Men: Before the Fall – The Sinister Four’ #1 Preview Sets the Table for Doctor Stasis and Mother Righteous

Get a sneak peek at what Doctor Stasis and Mother Righteous are plotting in this preview for the upcoming issue.

Nathaniel Essex may have four clones, but it only takes two of them to tango.  

Reeling from the SINS OF SINISTER timeline, Mister Sinister failed to reach Dominion and is now answering for his universal crimes. But what of the other Nathanial Essex clones? Who exactly are Mother Righteous, Orbis Stellaris, and Doctor Stasis? What plans might they have for this newly restored universe? 

In this preview for X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – THE SINISTER FOUR #1, Mother Righteous and Doctor Stasis are spotted scheming together while sharing a bottle of red wine. Over a candlelit dinner, Doctor Stasis recalls the day of his creation as a clone. Shedding their evening clothes, this sinister pairing suits up and takes to the streets, just in time to team up against an ominous Death-like figure.  

Get your first glimpse at the machinations of Doctor Stasis and Mother Righteous in X-MEN BEFORE THE FALL — THE SINISTER FOUR #1 below: 

X-Men: Before the Fall - The Sinister Four interior artwork by Paco Medina

On Sale 7/5

What do these scheming Sinisters have planned for mutantkind? Find out in X-MEN BEFORE THE FALL — THE SINISTER FOUR #1 on July 5! 

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