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Published February 21, 2022

Announcing Next Marvel Heroines Prose Novel 'Squirrel Girl: Universe'

On sale August 2, 2022!

The next prose novel in Marvel and Aconyte BooksMARVEL HEROINES line, Squirrel Girl: Universe.

In Squirrel Girl: Universe, written by the critically-acclaimed Tristan Palmgren, Doreen Green aka the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is on a wild cosmic adventure to save the galaxy! This novel will be available everywhere books are sold on August 2, 2022. Pre-order now!

Squirrel Girl: Universe

Squirrel Girl is in a pickle and a jam, a metaphor that mixes about as well as it tastes. She and her friends are lost in outer space, where there is a conspicuous absence of oxygen and, even more troubling, a shortage of squirrels. After hitching a ride on a passing space whale, Squirrel Girl and her trusty companions find themselves on a free-merchant space station and on the front line of a looming interstellar war.

The stakes have never been so high, and trillions of lives are at risk! Luckily for the universe, Squirrel Girl is here to stand up against the odds and set things right across the galaxy.
Squirrel Girl: Universe is the latest prose novel in the MARVEL HEROINES line from Aconyte Books. These captivating stories feature some of Marvel’s best-loved female characters, some just coming to understand their powers for the first time and others firmly established among the ranks of legendary Super Heroes.

Squirrel Girl: Universe will be available in trade paperback and eBook formats, available at bookshops and online retailers August 2, 2022. Pre-order now!

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