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Published June 15, 2021

Avengers Campus: The Best Heroic Photo Walls

Strike a Super Hero pose.

You’re all dressed up in your Super Hero best, but now where to snap the perfect picture? No matter what kind of heroic pose you’re striking, there’s a backdrop for it at Avengers Campus, inside Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort. With the brand-new land now open, it’s time to suit up and find some photo ops!

While everywhere inside Avengers Campus is actually a good photo opportunity, there are over a dozen specific spots throughout to really elevate whatever you’re looking to share to social media. Want something colorful, and full of Spider-Bots? Or a throwback feeling of yesteryear back before Avengers Campus was Avengers Campus? And those looking to channel the mystic arts have a whole area to practice Sling Rings.

So, grab your camera, and maybe a designated friend to snap photos. Here are the best photo walls in Avengers Campus!

WEB Wall


Miles Morales’ artistic talent is tingling, and he’s created a giant art installation outside the Worldwide Engineering Brigade. Every spot along the wall is a good spot, depending on where you stand you could have Spider-Bots or the WEB logo in your background — or both! Plus, Spider-Man himself likes to hang out around the area, and you never know when he might swing into your picture.

WEB Brick Wall

web brick

Tucked away inside the queue for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure is a colorful wall made up of multicolored layers, featuring an assortment of blues, greens, reds, and yellows. The only way to access this wall is by weaving through the queue, so be sure to stop by it before you head into the WEB Open House!

WEB Loading Dock

web loading dock

As long as there are no deliveries happening (pizza deliveries or otherwise…), right outside the exit for WEB Slingers sits a yellow loading dock wall, perfect for bragging about your team’s latest high score.

S.S.R. Wall


Way before S.H.I.E.L.D. entered the picture, there was the S.S.R. — aka, the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Towards the back of Avengers Campus is wall with a reference to this bygone division, proudly displaying the organization’s logo.

Pym Wall


Whether you’ve just finished a big meal, or are waiting to grab a small tasty bite, the outside decor at Pym Test Kitchen is too good to miss. With its bright, geometric shapes, it’s a striking backdrop for any outfit you might have on — or food you have in your hands!

Avengers Wall

avengers wall

Every Avengers outfit needs a giant A-symbol situated behind you! The good news is that there are multiple giant A’s across Avengers Campus (and don’t forget to try and get the giant arc reactor on the ground in the shot!). Another giant A can be found near the entrance in front of The Collector’s Fortress, and also outside of Avengers HQ.

Sanctum Wall


As long as there aren’t any open portals nearby, the Ancient Sanctum is a perfect spot for a picture infused with the mystic arts. And while the Sanctum might look good in the daytime, just wait till the sun goes down to capture some breathtaking moments against this backdrop. There’s also a nearby location perfect for a share-worthy optical illusion.

Stark Aeronautics Wall


No flying car? No problem. You don’t need one when you stop by the massive Star Aeronautics wall, featuring the company’s yesteryear logo. With its massive wooden walls, you’ll know that the future is Stark hanging out here.


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