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Published July 13, 2021

Watch New Episodes of Marvel Battleworld: Treachery at Twilight on Marvel HQ Now

What tricks is Loki up to this time?


Want to control Loki’s every move on your own? You can with the latest series from Marvel Battleworld:  Treachery at Twilight – a collectible, adventure game and new animated shorts!

Treachery at Twilight includes new devious Loki Trick Cards, as well as 30 new collectible characters, including Wanda Maximoff, Falcon, and a 2099 version of Black Widow. The new Treachery at Twilight additions are compatible with the original collectible game introduced last year making for expanded gameplay across the Marvel Universe! You never know what hero (or villain) might show up next. 

In addition to the expanded gameplay, brand new episodes of Marvel Battleworld: Treachery at Twilight are now available on Marvel HQ’s YouTube channel. Who can escape Battleworld first, you or your favorite Marvel heroes?

Dive into the episodes below, and pick up your very own Battle Ball now! 

EP. 1 - The Twilight Sword

Loki schemes with Thanos to win back control of Thanos’ Battleworld, but what the Mad Titan doesn’t realize is that Loki is after a mythical weapon: The Twilight Sword.

EP. 2 - An Island of Spiders

Chasing down clues to stop Loki’s plans, Iron Man and Groot find themselves on Spider-Island and are surrounded by...eight-legged spider people everywhere!

EP. 3 - Party like it’s 2099

Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Spider-Ham find themselves in the 2099 section of Battleworld searching for Loki and Thanos.  But Loki is elsewhere...searching Odin’s vaults for the Twilight Sword.

EP. 4 - Portal to the Collector's Tower

While Iron Man teams with Iron Goblin to hack Battleworld’s portal system, Wanda and Loki travel to...the Collector’s Tower where they run into...Rocket!

EP. 5 - Time to Collect

Rocket, Wanda, and Loki puzzle out a way into the Collector’s Tower as Iron Man and Captain Marvel discover the Tower is Thanos’ ultimate destination.  There’s a showdown coming!

EP. 6 - The Big Battle for Battleworld

In a massive battle over Battleworld at the Collector’s Tower, Thanos tries to acquire the Twilight Sword as Iron Man and Captain Marvel lead the heroes in a desperate struggle to stop him.  Who will win this Battle for the future of Battleworld?!